SQL New Year’s resolutions

January 8th, 2012 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

Backup Validation: Check everything involved in the backup process.

  • Are your backups executing as desired?
  • Are the monitoring jobs properly alerting to failures?
  • Have their been any unexpected failures?
  • Have backup duration times changed?

Recovery Validation:

  • Is everything for your recovery collected and being backed up?
  • Have you practiced restoring at least one of your SQL Server databases from production in the last month?

SQL Server Updates:

Server Health:

  • Check the performance statistics for your server(s).
  • Were there any unexpected items in your event log?
  • How does everything compare to the last baseline?

Database Health:

Check Baselines: Are there any variances on the performance counters off of the baseline? Is the baseline still valid?

Validate Capacity Plan:

  •  If you have a capacity plan in place for your environment, check to see that what you had planned for June matches the actuals.
  • Any threshold violations that may require adding capacity?

Status Report:

  • What do you need to get done before next month?
  • What did you get done this month?
  • After the other tasks, write this all down and send it to your manager.

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