Quickly remove hidden text in Word

March 31st, 2010 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

To hide text in Word use the Hidden format.

Tt’s easy to forget that the hidden text is still present andd it may be sensitive or confidential. Best practice is copy and then remove the hidden text from the copy before you distribute the document.

To hide text:

1.Select the text to hide.
2.From the Format menu, choose Font.
3.Click the Font tab.
4.Check the Hidden option in the Effects section.

Uncheck the Hidden option to display hidden text. Or click Show/Hide on the Standard toolbar — it’s faster. Show/Hide is a toggle, so a second click rehides all the hidden text when you’re ready to put it out of sight.

Viewing the hidden text can be helpful, but it won’t remove it. To remove all hidden text in a document, :

1.From the Edit menu, click Replace. Or press [Ctrl]+H.
2.Click the Find What control.
3.Click More.
4.Click the Format button and choose Font .
5.Select the Hidden option in the Effects section.
6.Click OK.
7.Click Replace All
Word will delete any Hidden text

To change your mind, just press [Ctrl]+Z to retrieve the deleted text.
Note; Removing hidden text could displace other text,


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