Laser net print output management and more

July 20th, 2010 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

In your business you deliver a multitude of invoices, purchase orders and statements. Consider how much this costs.  According to the Gartner Group and others it is likely to be in the range of AED 12-34 per document: and many companies issue over a million a year. In additon to printing costs, stationery, labour and  postage. Further costs come from filing, and recovery of data plus the costs of storage cabinets, office space. The real cost is often greater due delays in orders, payments or decisions. 

 LaserNet gives you the tools to dramatically reduce these costs.

Better still it  ensures  that customers receive documentation in their preferred format and house style, whether that be paper, fax, e-mail or XML.

It’s easy and you don’t  need to make changes to your ERP-system.  LaserNet is an intelligent, document routing system that integrates with all windows based IT applications, to  provide an  enterprise class, document delivery solution.

 LaserNet includes powerful document management and workflow processes. You save time and money.  Your staff concentrate on building your business rather than a paper shuffle.

LaserNet lets you design in familiar office tools and uses simple ‘drag & drop’ configuration and requires no changes to your host systems – fast, easy and inexpensive implementation and trouble free operation.

If you use SAP, or Microsoft Dynamics Ax, then there are integrated wizards to make life easier.

CTO Thomas Bak Olesen, Invita Kitchens:
“Our LaserNet solution is one of the most profitable IT-investments we have ever made”

CTO Morten Hald Nielsen, Ravenholm A/S:
“We estimated that 20% of our customers would accept to receive invoices by email, which would give a Return on Investment in less than a year. We were right.”
System Coordinator Kim J. Nissen, Nomeco:
“In addition to minimising data entry, LaserNet also automatically converts the suppliers’ product codes to Nomeco’s own coding system.
A major time and error saver!”



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