Microsoft Dynamics Ax in the cloud -available now from Synergy Software Systems

December 15th, 2010 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

Microsoft is working on enabling next generations of AX to run in the cloud, however, a lot more  Azure development is necessary too before that becomes reality. We are however meanwhile offering  hosted services with Amazon Web Services.

 So, in other words: AX 2009 can be hosted in the Cloud today and you can take advanatge of a scaleable architecture and no up front invesmtent in hardware , install and all of the server amdinsitration and backps taken care of in a secure environment with 24x 7 support.  New companies with cash flow challenges will find this model attractive and it will speed up their  implementation.

The advantage for larger, multi-national, AX clients is that they can scale and roll-out to fit their global requirements in a very cost efficient manner.

  You can add any vertical solution, custom, code, etc as you please. Your AX instance is your application and you manage it just like you would manage a self-hosted AX on your own customer’s site. 

 Contractual terms for the software licences are the same. The terms for the AWS services are AWS’ terms. We  offer  our terms for the AX Cloud technology . We keep it simple.

  The same cloud offering is available applies for Microsoft CRM.

 In other words: We can completely mould AX Cloud to fit any requirement for infrastructure.


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