Project Isotope – Hadoop on Windows Azure and Windows Server

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  • Project Isotope is the codename Microsoft has give to Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure and Windows Serve
  •  Isotope was born from Microsoft’s work on cloud-scale analytics.
  • Microsoft is planning to make Hadoop on Windows Azure generally available in March 2012.
  • Microsoft is planning to make Hadoop on Windows Server (referred to  as the “enterprise” version of the project) generally available in June 2012. This version will include integration of the Hadoop File System with Active Directory, giving users global single sign-on for not just their e-mail, but also for analytics.
  • The coming Hadoop distributions for Azure and Windows Server are not all that interesting in and of themselves. It’s the tools and the data that make them potentially useful and lucrative. The Isotope team is working on enabling bidirectional integration between the core Hadoop File System and tools like Sqoop and Flume. (Sqoop provides integration between HDFS and relational data services; Flume provides access to lots of log data from sensor networks and such).

Microsoft’s big-picture concept is that Isotopewill give all kinds of users, from technical to “ordinary” productivity workers, access from inside data-analysis tools they know — like Microsoft’s own SQL Server Analysis Services, PowerPivot and Excel on their PCs — to data stored in Windows Servers and/or Windows Azure. (The Windows Azure Marketplace fits in here, as this is the place that third-party providers can publish free or paid collections of data which users will be able to download/buy.)

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