SQL 2012 and SSRS

February 4th, 2012 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

Reporting Services in SQL Server 2012 will support XLSX, DOCX formatsand this removes the 65536 rows limit in XLS files 😉

the 65.536 rows limit in an Excel sheet was removed with Office 2007/2010 with the introduction of new Excel format XLSX.

 SQL Server Reporting Services lacked XLSX file export support in SQL 2008 and ealier versions.

That means you won’t receive the error messages like below.

However think twice before generating an XLSX file with millions of rows. Who will open this Excel sheet with millions of rows in it ?

Even if the answer  “I will reach this XLSX file programatically not directly opening with Excel” rmemebr that Excel files are not intended to be used as a database!


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