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Lasernet form FormPipe

Look good, save money and make everyone’s life easier. Really!

Systems cannot ‘go live’ without external facing documents:  Purchase orders, Quotes, invoices,  cheques, delivery notes etc.

‘Out of the box’ reports are seldom adequate without customisation. 

It takes time. Time to explain, to develop, to deploy to a test system, to create test data and transactions, to test layout content and printing, to test distribution and archiving, to rework, to move to live systems, to create variations by site, and by trading partner  and to get approval from marketing and management is a major area of underbudgeted implementation time and cost.

So why not do this outside the systems in tools like Microsoft Word using your own staff, who know how to use that software  and how they want the finished report to look?

Yes it can be done!  Use the same solution instance for all of your companies for almost any software, from anywhere in the world you have connectivity ..

FormPipe Input/Output Management ensures that the document goes in the right format from operational systems to business systems, from web to business systems and from business systems to the web.

Send the document the way you want in the format you want

Improve your branding with modern fonts, colours and consistent look and feeldon’t be constrained by canned report formats.

Rapidly change company logo, address, or registration details or quickly update marketing messages, across all your system documents

Three major areas are addressed:

  • Convert from one data format to another, eg XML to PDF / A
  • Appearance/layout handling, basically the graphical part of a document
  • Distribute in the correct format to the right receiver

FormPipe Input/Output Management manages the organizations many different types of business documents, Print templates, forms, letters, invoices, orders, reports whether an electronic format such as XML, XHTML, EDI, PDF /  or in paper format.

With FormPipe Input/Output Management your organization will be compliant with all requirements of a document’s appearance and data format, regardless of original system format.

Manage information flows in and out of all your business systems, and use with any operating system regardless of what those systems do or what data they produce.

Produce consistent house style and branding across all you application documents . Tailor external documents by trading partner – add their logos, or use a different sort order, or add a page total , or a bar code etc. Format and sort and group outside your erp system using familiar office program template documents. Produce as a pdf a fax or an email or send an sms at the same time while you also save a copy in the associated document management system.

The benefits of the solution are many and our customers use FormPipe Input/Output Management for example:

  • Template Management
  • Form Handling
  • Print Management
  • Process incoming electronic documents
  • PDF rendering
  • Layout management of business documents

In built modules for SAP and Microsoft Dynamics Ax

Save time and cost on erp implementation

Save on time and stationery once operational

When you upgrade your business systems your reports do not need to be redesigned –  remap the print output to the same report templates and save days of reprogramming and testing.


· BOC Edwards

“Through good project management, SAP implementation cost overruns and delays are becoming rarer, however, when they do occur they are generally caused by output programming errors. By using LaserNet we were able to avoid all these issues as well as adding some beneficial document management facilities. Overall LaserNet was a key factor in the success of the SAP implementation overall.” (ERP: SAP)


“We send up to 70,000 invoices a year to our customers, and with FormPipe LaserNet we can convert each and every one of them into an electronic format, so that they can be sent to the recipients by the customers choice of email, fax in addition to XML: all without operator intervention. Just by switching 20% of our invoices to email delivery we saved several thousand euros within a few months and anticipate a significant return on investment within the year.”


“Thanks to our LaserNet system we can now print our business forms on to plain laser stock, eliminating the cost & difficulties associated with pre-printed stationery. Further on, FormPipe LaserNet enables us to distribute documents via email and archive them electronically. We save over 15,000 euro a year on printing, postage & filing costs. With a low starting cost the FormPipe LaserNet solution is an investment that has given us our money back many times over.” (ERP: Dynamics AX)


“There are three good reasons why we chose to implement LaserNet: Firstly, LaserNet is not dependent on a printer, in contrast to our previous form printing system. Next, we can perform the programming and preparation directly in LaserNet which we’d otherwise have to do in our financial management system. It’s a huge benefit to us, saving both time and money. And last but not least we can easily and efficiently reuse the forms we make in LaserNet when we switch from using Concorde XAL to Dynamics AX as an ERP system”. (ERP: Dynamics AX)


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