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Cumulative Update 3 for Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack

April 23rd, 2012

Cumulative Update 3 for Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack – no specific release date but expected is the second half June.

AX Pact CEO Conference – ROME 2012

April 23rd, 2012

A well run event that brought together 22 major Ax partners. Predictable topics of discussion  included:

  •   how Microsoft’s Partner model is adapting , and why it needs to adapt, to successfully deliver a true  enterprise solution  as we now have with Ax 2012
  •  the impact and opportunity of the cloud for Ax Pact members
  •  increased member collaboration
  • specialist Ax vertical solutions from Ax Pact members

A mix of social events encompassing Golf, a Vatican Tour, and some pleasant meals oiled the wheels of conversation and it proved a great opportunity to benchmark business strategies, forge relationships with expert companies and catch up on industry gossip. As Ax 2012 establishes itself in the enterprise space being part of global network of accredited partners,  working to a common methodology, with  in an agreed commercial framework, with  access to specialist resources, srengthens our ability to continue to deliver successful projects for our clients.

Ax Pact – Synergy Software Systems

April 17th, 2012


 Synergy Software Systems partners with Global customers and our client list is a testament to the quality of services and support we provide. We have experience of multi geography projects that few Middle East, or even international parners can truly claim. We formally collaborate with leading overseas Implementation partners for their projects in the Middle East. Our clients have the reassuance that Synergy aready has partnerships in place in most geographies to support their implemenations outside this region.  The Ax Pact Alliance represents over 10% of all Dynamics Ax users licences and  Synergy is the selected partner for this region,  This brings cosniderable benefit to our customers.

Global Coverage AxPact is constantly growing and now comprises of 30 of the most highly proven and respected Microsoft Dynamics AX partners in the World. Together we provide expertise, delivery and support capability to over 80 different countries making AxPact a true international solution provider. Every AxPact customer benefits from our combined knowledge, resources, solutions and coverage. AxPact has delivered and supported Microsoft Dynamics AX for multi-site, multi-national clients since 2001  To ensure your international roll out of Microsoft Dynamics AX is a complete success, there are very strict criteria to all AxPact Members and constant monitoring of  their performance to ensure we always exceed our clients’ expectations. All members take measures to ensure they follow a uniform set of guidelines and procedures and use the same internal methodologies

….100 Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations per year, 18 languages and strong success statistics for delivered projects. This is due to the careful selection and management of the members. AxPact’s sales statistics and track record of successful delivery to date, affirm their position as a trustworthy company to work with on international projects. “Wim Jansen
Partner Lead MBS International

– Today, AxPact accounts for more than 10% of ALL AX projects worldwide. –

Dynamics Ax SaaS model from Synergy Software Systems for the Middle East, U.A.E,

April 17th, 2012

Microsoft Dynamics AX in the Cloud

 Dynamics AX is Microsoft’s enterprise-level ERP solution, with broad applications across most every vertical. While an ERP investment can be a costly undertaking for most businesses, our cloud offering for Dynamics AX comes at  a much smaller up front and overall cost.

ERP Agility = Cloud

The name of the game in AX (and ERP in general) is “agility,” and by placing Dynamics in the Cloud, you vastly increase the agility of your ERP system to adapt to your business. You may:

  • Sell off companies
  • buy new companies
  • win or lose contracts
  • have variable seasonality
  • have project based business with variable manning
  • reduce staff by automation

So, your licence requirements (and the support costs) and hardware capability should also be able to vary.  Organizations become more dispersed, and the size and shape of an enterprise changes quickly in a changing economy, so putting your  ERP solution in the cloud simply makes more sense as it delivers true flexibility.

In the Cloud add/subtract users monthly (and adjust costs accordingly), and also deliver ERP power to everyone in the organization, no matter where they be and no matter what kind of device they may be using. Maybe you need 50 extra storemen during annual stock check for one period only. Maybe extra staff for year-end sales, or for an unusually large project,  or for the harvest season.  Maybe you close for month in the summer, or you decide to outsource or subcontract, or to bring back in house.

What the Cloud Adds to Dynamics AX

The entire point behind an investment in an ERP platform as comprehensive as Dynamics AX is that it can drive value across an entire enterprise, improving how an organization manages financials, people, production, processes, business intelligence and more.

Synergy Software Systems hosting partner  was “born” in the Cloud as a pure software-as-a-service (saas) provider more than 14 years ago. The infrastructure is built on the Microsoft stack, with full support for Linux-based applications.

Our offering  is used by hundreds of thousands of customers enjoying the true flexibility of the Cloud across the entire world, and we mean THE WORLD. In 2011, Microsoft chose our provider as its Dynamics ERP Hosting Partner of the Year. Why? Because no one does it better.

With staff and data centers across the globe—this is the only Cloud provider with a real global footprint.

We put security first, both internally (being SAS70 Type II certified since 2006) and externally, with infrastructure housed in Tier 3 data centers, offering the industry’s highest physical protection standards.

The service is supplied from a shared platform, and accessed through a small client on each user’s workstation. The application icons simply appear both in the Windows start menu and on the desktop. From there, the Microsoft Dynamics AX client application can easily be launched.

Integration with the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Access and Outlook) automatically synchronizes. All configuration and customization can be performed through the Microsoft AX interface.

Delivers True Flexibility

Security, reliability, and global reach are definitely concerns for many companies when they think about moving software and/or services to the Cloud. The main driver pushing them to the Cloud has always been flexibility. However, flexibility is not just a technology integration issue: it’s a BUSINESS issue.

A business must be able to scale up, or down quickly, and cannot afford to pay for things it doesn’t use, like software licenses on machines that sit silent, which are critical components in lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).

With the Cloud and SaaSplaza, lower TCO is assured, because technology is no longer a capital investment; it’s a flexible operating cost.

Some companies offer you freedom and flexibility and then the first thing they do is make you sign a 1 to 3 year contract.!  Not us. We offer month-to-month commitments, starting with as little as 1 user and scaling… ‘How “flexible” is a platform when a customer is tied to it for years?’

A Cloud Service, Not a Server

We would like you to understand that the Cloud is not simply a place for hosting a solution, but a necessary component of a solution. Some companies offer you “the cloud” and then, in essence, sell you a hosting server. We ensure that you not only have the physical, and hard disk space and memory you need, but also support and service,  24x7x365.

We provide a full service, not just a server.

Our Service Level Agreement, we proudly place alongside any other in the world.

For the server and application It includes:

  • Up time guarantee of 99.9%–not just for the infrastructure, but for application availability
  • Capacity management: proactive action for scaling up the infrastructure
  • Responsibility for back-up every day/week and month
  • Disaster recovery
  • Operational management of the infrastructure
  • Maintenance of infrastructure (security, operating system management, hardware and software renewal, etc.) and middleware software components
  • Technical application management to secure uptime.
  • Proactive monitoring availability, security, capacity, continuity and critical business processes
  • Annual extended SSAE16 (US) and ISAE E3402 (International) certifications for the fifth year in a row

We also provide office hour telephone support for functional end users of the  application and back to back escalation to Microsoft if needed.

The Microsoft Stack is the Foundation for our Cloud Platform.  Cloud control is now made easier with all virtualized servers and applications on the Microsoft platform, which delivers better performance and increased—and easy—self-service.

The Benefits of Building on Hyper-V & System Center

With Microsoft Hyper-V, we have a high availability platform that enables us to quickly and smoothly roll out servers and software through an automated process. With Microsoft and Hyper-V, we ensure that your Cloud platform is FULLY supported by Microsoft.

Management and monitoring are comprehensive and stretch from server environment to the application level, specifically pertaining to Dynamics Ax and CRM  applications.

 With System Center, we simplify management via designated modules. Rolling out a new server or a new application can be done with just a few mouse clicks.

Hyper-V also delivers the added advantage of possessing a more efficient, performance enhancing memory management than other systems. Should one of the virtual servers need more memory space then it can borrow some from other servers on the same bare metal which are have spare capacity. Which means better response and  uptime.

Another important advantage lies with the System Center self-service tools, which enables us to monitor environments on a comprehensive online dashboard, print reports, etc.

Building exclusively on the Microsoft stack enables us to give us an extremely powerful cloud environment.

We cna also provide  option sot host or a true SaaS model for SharePoint and Exchange Server

Ax 2012 RU 8 – for Process, and for Project timesheets

April 14th, 2012

Following last week’s release of Rollup 8 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Service Pack 1  Rollup 8 for Process Industries 3.1 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Service Pack 1 is available for immediate download .

 For more information on Rollup 8 and to download, please refer to the following knowledge base articles.

KB2677618: Rollup 8 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 SP1

KB2678990: Rollup 8 for Process Industries 3.1 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 SP1

KB2678991: Rollup 8 for Project Time Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 SP1

KB2678992: Rollup 8 for Professional Services Automation for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 SP1

SQL 2012 is released

April 10th, 2012

Microsoft announced the general availability (GA) of SQL Server 2012 for purchase and download. SQL Server 2012 delivers a  new set of capabilities for mission-critical workloads, business intelligence and hybrid IT across traditional datacenters and public and private clouds. This includes:

  • SQL Server AlwaysOn, a new high availability solution delivering increased application availability, lower TCO and ease of use.
  • xVelocity, in-memory technologies significantly boost data warehouse and analytics performance by up to 100x.
  • Power View, a web-based, highly interactive, data visualization and presentation solution designed to enable business users and decision makers to quickly discover meaningful insights from their data.
  • Data integration and management, new and enhanced tools to deliver credible, consistent data to the right users at the right time, including new SQL Server Data Quality Services and enhanced Master Data Services.
  • Enhanced PowerPivot functionalities enable customers to leverage new advanced analytic capabilities and further ease of use while still working within the familiar tools provided by Excel.
  • The new Business Intelligence (BI) Semantic Model provides a single, scalable model for BI applications, from reporting and analysis to dashboards and scorecards.
  • SQL Server Data Tools, a new tool that unifies SQL Server and cloud SQL Azure development for both professional database and application developers.

For a deep dive on all things SQL Server 2012, check out the SQL Server 2012 Virtual Launch Event. All content from the Virtual Launch Event will be available until June 30, 2012. The event features 30+ webcasts from SQL Server 2012 experts in addition to a number of other multimedia features from Microsoft partners.

Dynamics Ax 2012- – cloud and SaaS models from Synenrgy Software System

April 7th, 2012

Microsoft Dynamics AX in the Cloud

Dynamics AX is  Microsoft’s  enterprise-level ERP solution, with broad applications across almost every vertical. While an ERP investment  can be a costly undertaking for most businesses, we can help you start with Dynamics AX for a much smaller initial outlay and overall cost simply by placing it in the Cloud.

The service is supplied from a shared platform, and accessed through a small client on each user’s workstation. The application icons simply appear both in the Windows start menu and on the desktop. From there, the Microsoft Dynamics AX client application is easily launched.

Integration with the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Access and Outlook) automatically synchronizes. All configuration and customization can be performed through the Microsoft AX interface.

What the Cloud Adds to Dynamics AX

The entire point behind an investment in an ERP platform as comprehensive as Dynamics AX is that it can drive value across an entire enterprise,to  improve how your organization manages financials, people, production, processes, business intelligence and more. As  your organization grows and becoems more vertically integrated or  diverse or more geographiclaly dispersed, and as the size and shape of yoru business  enterprise can change very quickly in a changing economy, having your ERP solution in the cloud simply makes more sense.  Itoffers instant scalability and  delivers true flexibility.

In the Cloud Saas model , a customer can add/subtract users monthly (and adjust costs accordingly), and also deliver ERP power to everyone in the organization, no matter where they be and no matter what kind of device they may be using.

Nowhere is this more important than in the industries directly served by the Dynamics AX, such as manufacturing and distribution (talk about dispersed!), retail and services (staff requirements change seasonally, if not more often), and the public sector (the Cloud can deliver incredible cost savings.

SAS70 Type II Certification

SSAE16 Certification

ISAE 3402 Certification

Commodity Materials Trading and Risk Management software Dubai

April 5th, 2012

Physical Commodity Trading organizations buy and sell commodities under predetermined contract terms and are responsible for the shipping and delivery of the commodities. The trading industry can be volatile with conditions outside of the trading organization affecting supply and demand.

The trading company must be agile in its processes and procedures to ensure not only the timely transportation of the commodity but also control of all costs associated with a contract.

A Trading organization has Risk Strategies in place to manage overall exposure to the Market. These strategies can include hedging their physical position on exchange traded futures market and covering their foreign exposure position with forward foreign exchange contracts.

Risk Management is key to providing financial control and driving profitability for a trading organization.

Our Commodity Trading solution provides access to up to date Contract, Logistics and Risk Management information inside Dynamics AX. Allocation and accrual of all additional cost information associated with contracts and shipments improves the flow of information from trading and logistics to the financial department.

Improved access to contract position details contributes to improved efficiency in both Logistics and Risk Management functions. Inquiry and reporting options allow the logistics department to be better informed about contracts due for shipment and the status of those shipments once they have been arranged.

Information required by the treasury department to control FX exposure and details of contracts to be hedged is available in real-time and helps ensure the company’s risk strategy is implemented in a timely manner, contributing to minimising risk and improved overall financial control.

Microsoft Dynamics AX and Commodity Trading

Microsoft  Dynamics  AX  is  a  powerful  and  comprehensive  ERP  solution  and  can  meet  the  financial  ledger,  order  processing  and  processing  requirements  of  many  organizations.  It  leverages the technology and applications from the Microsoft Stack that are so familiar to  many  of  us  in  our  day  to  day  business  lives.   

No package solution will satisfy all business requirements of all organizations.  The ax  architecture  lends  itself  to  the  development  of  industry,  process  or  customer  specific  functionality  that  can  sit  alongside  the  standard  package  solution. 

Synergy implements and  develops   additional  functionality  for  Microsoft  Dynamics . We also work with global Ax isvs  and  offer  highly regarded add‐ons for Microsoft Dynamics AX The developments are done  using  the  same  development  tools  and  standards  that  the  Microsoft  Dynamics  AX and the development  teams  use  and  have  the  same  look  and  feel  as  the  ‘standard’  Microsoft  Dynamics AX software.   It is also possible for your own developers to be trained to further enhance the developments with the provide Source code and Integrated development environment, and Built in Workflow and Notification engine etc.

The  Commodity  Trading  solution  is  one  such  development.  It  leverages  the  existing functionality  of  Microsoft  Dynamics  AX, but is   designed specifically for one type of Commodity Trading Company.


The  trading  system  consists  of  a  set  of  contracts  that manage  the  purchase  and  sale  of  commodities.  The execution of the contract is done on a per load basis, where a load represents the physical transportation of the commodity.  In  addition  to  the  management  and  control of contracts, the trading system will manage the physical movement of commodities as the contracts are completed and  commodities  are  moved  between  physical  storage locations.

The commodity trading system manages:

■  Purchase contracts

■  Sales contracts

■  Delivery loads

■  Pricing calculations (bonification and other adjustments) relating to the settlement of contracts

■  Washouts

■  Creation  of  sales  orders  and  purchase  orders  for completed loads

■  Creation of vendor recipient created tax invoices (RCTI) where  applicable  and  accounts  payable  vouchers  for levies, brokerage, and miscellaneous fees and charges

■  Creation of accrual journals for levies and fees where a RCTI cannot be automatically generated

Sales and purchase contracts are delivered in loads over the period of the sales contract. Loads are associated with:

■  A purchase contract and a sales contract

■  A purchase contract and storage (a warehouse location in Microsoft Dynamics® AX )

■  A storage and a sales contract

■  A storage and another storage location (stock movement)Settlement  against  a  contract  occurs  on  a  load  by  load basis  within  the  delivery  period  defined  for  the  contract.

If a contract is not completed by the end of the delivery period then there are several possibilities as to how this could be handled:

■  The remaining commodity will be receipted into stock

■  The terms of the contract will be modified by extending its expiration date, and optionally adding storage costs

■  Cancelling the contract and reissuing a new contract

■  Washout the contract


A contract can be for either the purchase of or sale of commodities. Within Microsoft Dynamics® AX a purchase contract is associated to a vendor and a sales contract is associated to a customer.

The contract will be editable up until the time it is locked. Once  the  contact  is  locked  it  can  not  be  modified  or deleted. Any adjustments to the contract will be done by creating a new version of the contract, which will be a copy of the original contract. This will ensure that a history of all  contractual  adjustments  is  maintained,  and  that  the original contract can be reprinted at any time. Contracts may be spread across several delivery periods, whereby  the  parameters  of  the  contract  –  such  as  price –  may  vary.  Each  spread  would  be  considered  as  a  sub-contract  within  the  primary  contract.  A  default  delivery spread is automatically created for the contract commodity based on the even distribution of the metric tonnes to be delivered over the period of the sales contract. The default spread can then be adjusted manually.


Loads  are  used  to  manage  the  pickup  and  delivery  of the  traded  commodities.  A  load  forms  a  link  between;two contracts, one contract and one storage location, or two  storage  locations.  Typically  the  load  will  be  the  link between a sales contract and a purchase contract.

  • Purchase  Contract  and  Sales  Contract:  The  commodity will be picked up from the supplier and delivered directly to the customer.
  • Purchase  Contract  and  Storage:  The  commodity  will  be picked  up  from  the  supplier  and  delivered  to  a  storage location.
  • Storage and Sales Contract: The commodity will be picked from a storage location and delivered to the customer.
  • Storage  and  Storage:  The  commodity  will  be  transferred from one storage location to another.


Management Levies are collected from some vendors on behalf of certain government agencies. A levy could either be a fixed amount per tonne or a percentage per tonne.

The levies that are applicable to a load may be overridden at the time of creating the load. Levies are paid on the net load value and are exempt of GST.


A contract washout can occur when there are sales and purchase  contracts  between  parties  which  loop  back  to a  party  involved  in  an  earlier  trade.  Thus,  the  series  of trades  (sales  and  purchase  contracts)  have  netted  out the requirement for a physical delivery for a portion of the contract.

For  example: 

  • Company  A  sells  to  Company  B, 
  •  who  sells to  Company  C, 
  • who  sells  to  Company  D, 
  • who  sells  back to Company A.

This loop means that no physical delivery need occur , and the trading contracts are netted out with the individual parties realising a financial gain or loss on the trade. The gain or loss on the trade will have a financial impact only,  and  generates  an  invoice  or  payment  to  all the parties involved in the washout. Furthermore, as this is recognised by the tax office as a financial transaction, it does not attract any GST.

The  washout  could  finalise  either a  portion  of,  or  the  entire originating contract. If the whole contract is washed out then there will be no loads. If only a portion of the contact is washed out, then the remaining quantity of the contract would be processed via loads.


Bonification   is   a   system   of   rewarding   or   penalising suppliers  for  the  quality  of  their  produce.  The bonification  system  is  centred  on  a  series  of  standard measures  –  such  as;  oil  content,  protein,  moisture,  etc – that could either increase or decrease the value of the produce.

Each load of produce transported from the supplier is run through a series tests to determine such measures as oil content and protein. These test results are then compared to  a  set  of  standards  tables  prepared  by  industry  peak bodies to determine if the tested results are below or above the set standards. If the results are above the standards then a bonus may be applied increasing the value of the load.  Conversely,  if  the  results  are  below  standard  the value may be reduced.

The Commodity Trading system provides the following reports:

■  Contracts

■  Commodity Storage Reporting for Loads

■  Summary Position Reporting

■  Detailed Contract Position Reporting

■  Loads per Contract

■  Levies Reporting

■  Load Financial Summary

■  Credit Limit Reporting

■  12 Month Spread Position Reporting 

■  Commodity – Mark-to-Market Reporting

■  Tax Invoice

■  Remittance Advice

 The Commodity Trading module can also manage :

    ■ Futures

    ■ Options

    ■ Forex

    ■ Limits / Risk Management

    ■ Letters of Credit

    ■ Trading Cockpit

    ■ Integration to Logistics

    ■ Importing, Costing and Transporting    (Inbound and outbound logistics)

Infor10 ION BI 10.3.2.

April 3rd, 2012

Infor  announces the general availability of the latest Infor Business Intelligence (BI) release—Infor10 ION BI 10.3.2. This release extends the supported platforms and languages, as well as offers a new business planning component.

The primary focus of this release is to provide a customer service pack and platform support updates. Features of this release include:

  • Application Studio and Office Plus support for direct access to SAP Netweaver BW
  • Full-screen mode for Application Studio
  • Browser support for Safari iOS 5 (with limits like read-only) and Mozilla Firefox 9
  • Office Plus 64 bit Excel and Office 2007 SP3 support
  • Russian language support
  • Support for more concurrent users on the OLAP server—up to 16,000
  • Standard cash flow, transaction management, and checksum reports in Consolidation

ION Suite is a new generation of business middleware that is lighter weight, less technically demanding to implement, and built on open standards. It is designed to meet the needs of the business and the needs of the CIO to contain IT costs.

But there’s more to ION Suite than just easy to use connectivity. With ION Suite, businesses get common reporting and analysis, workflow, and business monitoring with one, consistent architecture. In addition, ION Suite uses event-driven architecture (EDA), so it can pro-actively push data, work activities, and exception notifications to users.

Users don’t need to go to the system to get the information they need—ION Suite makes sure the information comes straight to them

Infor is a leading provider of business software and services, helping 70,000 customers in 164 countries improve operations and drive growth. Customers include:

  • 8 of the top 10 aerospace companies
  • 9 of the top 10 high tech companies
  • 9 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies
  • 80 of the top 100 automotive suppliers
  • 19 of the top 35 retailers
  • Over 1,100 state and local government agencies
  • Over 3,000 financial services companies
  • Over 7,000 machinery manufacturers

Designer Dashboards for Dubai from Dundas

April 2nd, 2012


  • Create powerful analytical dashboards using OLAP technology. Perform insightful data analysis with a wide variety of forecasting, financial and statistical formulas.
  • Customize every detail of your dashboards with a flexible dashboard designer. A built-in scripting engine allows you to create interactions to make each dashboard unique.
  •  40+ distinct visualizations, from charts, gauges and maps to scorecards, sparklines and state indicators. Add context to your business metrics by adding annotations, discussion threads and comments directly to the dashboard These customizable, attractive visualizations are what truly makles  Dundas Dashboards different.
  • Connect to almost any data source, including SQL, Oracle, Excel, Access, MS OLAP, SAP BW, Teradata, Visual FoxPro, Google Analytics, and many more.
  • Integrate Dundas Dashboard with your existing authentication systems, data sources, and web applications, with full support for Microsoft technologies like SharePoint, MS SQL, Silverlight and ASP.NET
  • Have Dundas Dashboard email you when your data reaches specified conditions or when users comment on your dashboards. Email your dashboards on a custom schedule (e.g. weekly sales reports).

New! Version 3.0 Release

Version 3.0 adds support for mobile devices, enhanced analytics, powerful new visualizations, designer improvements, viewer globalization and much more. Support for HTML5 as well as native apps for all major smartphones and tablets will keep your mobile workforce connected

Get expert support from experienced dashboard developers, designers and business analysts who can assist in every facet of dashboard creation. Contact us for more information.