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CRM 2011 RU 10 is released

August 29th, 2012

Rollup 10? What happened to rollup 9?

 There wasa rollup 8 but all things meant for rollup 9 are now part of rollup 10.

Microsoft released this latest build on August 16, 2012.

So what’s new? Lots.  Microsoft is also making this build ready for Office 2013, Windows 8 and IE 10.

Why Prophix from Synergy Software Systems Dubai?

August 26th, 2012

The high cost and complexity of Budgeting and Consolidation and Planning software  are driving Finance and IT executives to seek out alternatives. Gartner’s most recent customer survey of Tier 1 solution providers determined Prophix:

Is #1 in these areas:

  •  Overall Customer Satisfaction
  •  Business Benefits
  •  Ease of Implementation
  • Total cost of ownership

2,000 companies in 90 countries rely on Prophix to deliver the best value by combining high end functionality, low total cost of ownership, and the fastest implementations in its class.

With budget season approaching now is the time to streamline your processes.

SQl 2000 – it’s time to upgrade

August 26th, 2012

An impotant topic for many companies absed on this post: Reference: Pinal Dave (

If you are using SQL Server 2000 then upgrade to SQL Server 2012. SQL Server 2000 is now 12 years old. 

Now is the time to catch up with the latest trends. There are many security and performance reasons why you should not to mention many great new features. Its also  likely that yout appllciation software will not be compatible for much longer with older unsupported releases so at least for next year.

Note that you can’t upgrade directly from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2012. You need to first upgrade to either SQL Server 2005/2008/R2 and then further plan to upgrade to SQL Server 2012. There is no direct upgrade path for SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2012.

If you follow the  rule to let something continue if it is not broken and working fine and are still using  SQL Server 2000 at elast upgrade to  SQL Server 2000 SP4 and update it with latest Security updates.

Here are two important SQL Server Security Updates.

Security Update for SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4 (KB983811)

Security Update for SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4 (KB983812)


Glacier – low cost storage

August 26th, 2012

Amazon Web Services  announced Glacier, a low-cost storage service customized for data archiving and backup,

Aareas that are a good fit for Glacier include: media archives, financial and health care records, raw genomic sequence data, long-term database backups, and information that has to be retained for regulatory compliance.

To get the lowest prices, data volumes above 5,000TB are needed. Unlike S3, there is no free tier offered for Glacier.

According to Amazon the two storage services are complementary. Enterprises should use S3 if they need low latency or frequent access to their data, while Glacier is a better fit if low storage cost is paramount; data is rarely retrieved; and data retrieval times of several hours are okay, .

erp failures and lessons.

August 25th, 2012

What is the cost of software that isn’t implemented properly. What is the real cost of software that isn’t  fully tested and properly deployed prior to production?

You might consider Knight Capital, that recently lost over $400 million in a matter of minutes because of a glitch in its trading software  that wasn’t fully tested and properly deployed prior to production. In addition to the immediate impact of lost cash and profits, the software failure also caused the company’s stock to drop 68-percent the day following the glitch.

 This is a drastic example, but there have been no shortages of  projects in this region that have been dismal in their result. This specific failure indicates some of the potential risks of ERP software initiatives for organizations in all industries. When organizations consider the risk and cost of an ERP failure, they tend to look at the relatively smaller-scale risks (e.g., going over budget or not realizing business benefits) and tend to overlook the expense of  lost business benefits that can easily carry a much larger cost e.g. loss of key customers and projects/orders, loss of demotivated key staff, bad PR image, problems with audit etc.

 When you factor in implementation risks, such as: unaccounted  assets due to the inability to accurately track data, lost customer orders because of botched inventory planning, and/or revenue shortfalls due to shipping problems, the damage caused by ERP failures increases dramatically. Both Shane Company and Lumber Liquidators, two companies that recently quantified the impact of their failed ERP implementations, discovered that the damage caused by their failures increased exponentially once opportunity costs and negative business impacts were taken into account.

Although a “do-it-yourself” mentality has some benefits in terms of employee ownership to get projects completed this approach has all too often proven to be flawed over the years. A strong project manager on your  staff  and a few  employees that have been through implementations before will help, but few companies have a ful time team on standby, especially with in depth implementation expertise.  The benefits of local experienced implementors who will be around to see the project through and to support beyond,  realistic expectations on both sides on  the achievable scope and efforts needed,  adequate time allocated for training and practice/rehearsal and handholding , and a collaborative approach with responsibilities and onwership on both the client and  implementation partner are lessons learned by most clients on their first implementation, that increase the success of their next project.

 We will never know your business as well asyour team but we learn from many business and implementations and we  implement ERP systems all day every day.  So just as most of us can do some minor car and home repairs  westill  use a professional garage or a construction firm for major work. There is a specialast role in erp implementation.  It’s sobering to compare  how much time and money  is spent on company cars, insurance, servicing, and driver training and testing, and the expertise and certifications and systems of driving instructors and car mechanics compared with the much more important task of driving and maintaining the company business systems, and the skills of those involved and the time and resource allocated in getting the system in.

Visual Studio 2012, Team Foundation Server 2012 RELEASED!

August 23rd, 2012

Visual Studio 2012, Team Foundation Server 2012, and .NET Framework 4.5 to the web. MSDN Subscribers can and volume licensing customersdownload immediately at the MSDN Subscriber Download Page,

Visual Studio 2012 contains  tools you need to develop killer apps for Windows 8, from templates, to designers, to testing, to debugging. Blend now comes with the Visual Studio installation providing rich visual tools for creating Windows store apps using HTML/CSS and XAML

Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 provide the latest advances in ASP.NET including web optimization improvements (minification and bundling), new templates, HTML & CSS editor improvements, page inspector, and new publishing tools. We’ve added new features to support JavaScript development including IntelliSense improvements, a new DOM explorer, and a JavaScript console

Visual Studio 2012 will provide support for developing Windows Phone 8 applications (both with a Express SKU as well as a freely downloadable plug-in for VS Pro and above). This will come online in the future, once Windows Phone 8 and the developer SDK become available. Some new features to look forward to include native C++ support, the ability to target both Windows Phone 7.x and Windows Phone 8 applications, multi-chassis support, and enterprise publishing

Microsoft Patches August 2012

August 23rd, 2012

Microsoft issued nine security bulletins as part of August’s Patch Tuesday. Five are rated critical and four rated important. Altogether, the bulletins address 26 vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows , Internet Explorer, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Server Software, Developer Tools, and Office.

An MSCOMCTL-related bug is at the top of the Microsoft list. Microsoft previously patched the Windows Common Control bug with bulletin MS12-027 in April. That,affects a huge number of applications including some very serious back office core systems, like SQL servers and commerce servers.

 If you can’t get this patch rolled out quickly, you should remind users about the dangers of opening attachments from unknown persons.

August marks the third month in a row with a new Internet Explorer patch. That demonstrates  Microsoft is leveraging its recently announced initiative to release IE patches more frequently. Expect  a lot more IE patches.

 Meanwhile, MS12-054 contains a sprint spooler bug with a potentially wormable condition.This is something that predominately affects small business  and campus locations where Windows computers are configured in workgroups,

Microsoft listed MS12-060 as the most critical issue this month. They mention it is seeing limited targeted attacks and it patches different components of a control patched only a few months ago.

Adobe flash player no longer available for new Google Playstore Android users

August 23rd, 2012

As of yesterday, Adobe’s Flash player browser plugin for Android is no longer available to new users in the Google Play Store. Adobe is limiting access to the plugin as the company works to deprecate Flash on mobile devices.

Erp comparison – why Dynamics Ax from Synergy Software Systems

August 21st, 2012

 Panorama consulting one of the leading independent ERP consulting firm  latest independent comparison study of Tier – 1 ERP systems is the outcome of inputs from 2000+ Respondent’s from 65 countries.

It highlights the  strengths of Dynamics Ax as:

• Ease of customization
• High flexibility
• Ease of integration
• Familiarity of user interface

Functional strengths include:
• Strong inter- and multi-company support
• Strong multicurrency and localization capabilities
• Data dimension-enabled tracking of physical moves (inventory, etc.) and financial transactions
• Strong MRP and trade capabilities

The report indicates that despite a lower short list percentage for Ax, it has identified that the selection percentage is the highest. While the implementation is shortest of all the big three erp vendors and provides the fastet ROI.

Dynamic Solutions for the Middle East – watch the videos

August 21st, 2012

Dynamic Businesses are connected, forward-looking organizations that thrive by empowering their people to reach their full potential. Microsoft is redefining how business solutions empower people for greater success, predict potential issues and opportunities, and enable organizations to expand the possibilities for competitive advantage.

See these recent great new videos from Microsoft:!