Some new technology releases

February 3rd, 2013 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

Microsoft’s Surface Pro launches on February 9

Blackberry 10 is now out.

Microsoft announced Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 (or VS2012.2) the latest quarterly update. This includes  Git integration with Visual Studio and TFS . 

“TFS” has historically meant “big scary corporate centralized source control” while Git has meant “small scrappy lightweight distributed source control.” TFS meant connected (OMG, I can’t code on a plane!) and Git meant occasionally connected (OMG, I don’t know what rebase means!).

However,  Team Foundation Server (TFS) isn’t just source control, it’s a whole bug tracking, change management, application lifecycle management (ALM) suite. Source control is one pluggable piece. On the other hand, Git isn’t just source control either. Git has become effectively FTP for code. plan is that in a future release Git will come baked in to all editions of Visual Studio – including Express


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