Management Reporter 2012 Rollup 4 – see a demo from Synergy Software Systems

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Management Reporter supports your reporting needs for Dynamics AX Budget Planning, (a new solution in Dynamics AX 2012 R2).

Budget Planning is particularly suited to organizations with  formal and structured budgeting processes. Budget Planning allows for multiple budgeting processes to be active at the same time to allow for maximum flexibility. Use Budget Planning to :

  • Associate budget planning processes with budget cycles, ledgers, and organization hierarchies
  • Analyze and update budget plans by using multiple scenarios.
  • Automatically route the budget plans together with: worksheets, justifications, and attachments for review and approval
  • Consolidate multiple budget plans from a lower level of the organization into a single parent budget plan at a higher level in the organization.
  • Develop a single budget plan at a higher level of the organization and allocate the budget to lower levels of the organization

Management Reporter supports a wide variety of budget reports, including:

  • Actual vs. Budget,
  • Budget Trend reports,
  • Budget comparisons,
  • Forecast reports.

Let us demonstrate a few of the great reports you can get from Management Reporter in relation to budgets.  

Posting layers: In the latest release of Reporter, data can by restricted by the operations, tax and current posting layers from Microsoft Dynamics AX.

When a report is generated in Management Reporter, quick links are now dynamically created to let you jump to key areas of a report in the web viewer. This allows users to do a quick scan of the report to see if any data jumps out at them before drilling into details


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