Sunsystems 5 to be discontinued long live Sunsystems 6!

January 14th, 2014 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

Important information about Infor SunSystems 5 and SunSystems 6

Infor has announced its intention to discontinue all license sales of SunSystems 5 in 2014.

Infor is focused on delivering significant new capabilities for Infor
SunSystems to bring value to customers and enhance the user experience. This targeted investment helps our customer to deliver world-class capabilities with comprehensive financial management capabilities that assist customers to achieve their business objectives.

Effective June 1, 2014, Infor will discontinue all license sales and additional-user license orders of SunSystems 5

Infor will continue to support SunSystems 5 for certain issue fixes, according to the current support policy.

In the current version 6 release of SunSystems, Infor has replaced the Actuate reporting tool with SunSystems Reporting Services (SRS), based on the industry-standard Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

SRS is provided with a Report builde ruser interface that makes it easy to use and provides a more accessible reporting environment with improved functionality. This change in SunSystems 6 is a product advancement which will help improve customers’ reporting experience.

Infor’s current release, SunSystems 6, is an Infor 10x-compliant release, positioned to take advantage of Infor’s innovative capabilities and technology that include Infor Ming.le™, Infor ION, Infor Context, and Infor Mobile.

The SunSystems 6 release will be the foundation for current and future enhancements.

SunSystems 5 availability – Infor has issued notification to inform our customers as of June 1, 2014, Infor will no longer sell licenses for Infor
SunSystems 5.

Depending on your upgrade schedule, any customer requiring additional SunSystems 5 licenses and modules should place orders prior to the end of May 2014.

Infor currently has no plans to end support for SunSystems 5. Support and maintenance will continue in accordance with Infor’s current support policies.

After the release of SunSystems 6.2.0, the monthly patch sets for SunSystems 5.4.1 will reduce in frequency—as was the case with previous releases. Issue fixes for SunSystems 5.4.1 and earlier will still be carried out periodically, and emergency patches will continue to be delivered as determined by Infor.

Infor’s SunSystems primary product line is now SunSystems 6.

From the
SunSystems 6.2.0 release, currently targeted for early 2014, Infor will
follow its documented support and lifecycle policies, and the maintenance frequency for SunSystems 5.4.1 will reduce accordingly.

Please see the Infor Support Operations Handbook—Lifecycle Support
Information section—and applicable Knowledge Base articles for more
information. Customers can consult this information to help them plan
the applicable upgrades in a timely manner.

SunSystems 5 patch set delivery:

Currently, SunSystems 6.1.1 and 5.4.1 receive monthly patch sets. With the release of Infor SunSystems 6.2.0 onward (currently expected for early 2014), Infor will follow its documented Lifecycle Support policy; Infor SunSystems 5.4.1 will receive emergency patches as required, and where mutually agreed, as critical.

SunSystems 5 will receive reduced maintenance updates in the future
with infrequent patch sets.

SunSystems versions

SunSystems 6.1.1 – The current release of SunSystems is 6.1.1. This
major release has been available for more than two years, and is a well-
established release of the SunSystems product. This release is
currently patched to patch set 27.

This release includes the new web user interface deployment platform,
the Infor 10x compliant capabilities, and experiences and technology.

Infor encourages you to learn more about SunSystems 6 and Infor 10x
when planning your future use of Infor SunSystems. This this has been a popular upgrade among customers.

SunSystems 6.2.0 – This next major release includes a range of
functional and technology improvements that expand the product
capabilities, as well as the extended analysis module—the first new
module since 5.1 release. It also includes a Unicode database and
business unit administration functionality that creates more flexibility and simpler implementations, with features to reduce the cost of
implementing and maintaining.

SunSystems 4 – Any organization currently running SunSystems 4, or
an earlier version, will be not be impacted by this announcement, and
maintenance and support on those versions will not be affected.

However, organizations looking to upgrade, will be required to
implement SunSystems 6

Next steps

As Infor ceases license sales of SunSystems 5, it is time to plan your
upgrade to SunSystems 6.

Infor actively encourages all Infor SunSystems 5 customers to
upgrade to Infor SunSystems 6. Adoption of the latest release can help
you gain the best return on investment from your Infor SunSystems

Moving to a new release requires time to plan, especially for customers with multiple sites. Infor is providing you with advance notice so that you have time to make the appropriate upgrade plans.

For further details about this information or upgrading to Infor
SunSystems 6, please contact the Synergy Support desk or your Account Manager.



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