Construction Software – Dubai, Synergy Software Systems

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We have implemented construction solutions for both local and international companies for over 15 years. We were early pioneers of 5D BIM adoption in the region.

However there are challenges with most solutions. Traditional design processes and layout documents do not easily sit with erp systems. Construction projects do not easily sit in a PSA accounts module. Most erp systems do not understand the concept of measurement books, or a cost to complete process. Construction formulas for costing a trench or a wall do not sit easily in a BOM. A BOQ and a WBS need a different understanding than a BOM and a route. Manufacturing sub contract is much like a purchase order with supply of some components. a construction sub contract order is a self contained order with its own contract, project BOQ, and WBS, measurements, applications, approvals, staged payments, advances, retentions etc.

Implementation time that is longer than the life of a project is also difficult for construction companies. All too often there are just too many complex integration is needed because a solution only addresses one part of the business.

We have seen many solutions and erp add-ons, and found there is generally a mismatch between the market needs and what solutions can offer, especially for the mid-market contractor. We are now able to offer a purpose designed construction erp system which we presented at Gitex last year and is now getting a lot of interest in this region.
Our applications interact with several third party applications like AutoCAD, STAAD Pro, MS project and so on. AEC Apps are competent in converting 2D drawings to 3D models on Auto CAD platform.

AEC applications bring together contributions of project engineers, planners, designers, managers, accountants, tax consultants and construction professionals under unified business environment to think and act alike while managing projects in a better and cost-effective manner.

To find out more contact us on 009871 433365589 and ask for “Yudhi’
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