Infor Sunsystems patch set 6.1.1 ask Synergy Software Systems

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Infor SunSystems enables companies to integrate and to streamline both local and multinational financial resource management processes from end to end.

Companies achieve a reliable, view of financial performance across the entire enterprise, with the flexibility and control necessary to adapt to the demands of the most challenging business environments

Infor SunSystems helps companies :
Close books quickly and accurately.
To automate processes and thereby reduce costs.
Meet all global financial regulatory requirements.
With the popular and powerful ‘Vision’ Query and Analysis reporting tool deliver faster and better reporting and analysis to your management team.
Evaluate new opportunities rapidly.
Enable your global operations with exceptional support for multi currency, in a multi company system
Take advantage of concurrent licensing to work cost effectively across companies and time zones.

You get immediate access to all of your information through Infor SunSystems’ financial modules, which help you make quick, effective decisions and deliver best in class financial management to your organisation.

Over 8,000 customers in more than 170 countries know that Infor SunSystems can help you run your business better every day, make more confident decisions, and do more with what you already have.

Sunsystems design reduces the number of screens and different transactions to learn. Key features that reduce implementation costs and empower Finance users..

– Reduced training time,
– Ease of data loading and data inquiry
– Powerful end user drill down report writing
– Award winning ease of system integration.

Details of fixed fault on the latest version of SunSystems 6.1.1 patchset:
for version: SunSystems v6.1 PS30

Resolved Issues

KB 1469406 Unable to apply RI when upgrading from 4.2.6 to 6.1 Oracle

KB 1452453 Base currency value not cleared when Revalue Future Closed Transactions is checked in Ledger Setup and pivot currency is 2nd Base

KB 1456587 Incorrect depreciation calculated if Declining Depreciation is used with manual depreciation booked whilst initial cost with I-Initial Marker.

KB 1456729 Budget check allows overbudget

KB 1463014 Members of an Operator Group excluded from an account type by miscellaneous permissions can delete/create account codes of the excluded type

KB 1475848 PYD did not open automatically after payment run with authorisation set but AUT filter conditions not met

KB 1464547 Error message ‘Work File Failure File Status 2-003’ while selecting held journals.

KB 1464622 Ledger Duplicate Codes error if Due Date Payment Term attached during Ledger Revaluation.

KB 1475900 Workfile SAJE001XXX.DAT and idx is not cleared automatically after authorization succeed

KB 1465993 Ledger Revaluation allows posting in closed periods

KB 1467134 CONV_CODE in control record of ZZZ_SAPYPAY table is not populated anymore since PS28

KB 1467902 Ledger imports posts journals to hold file where post to hold is not set and Authorizations are in place.

KB 1468257 System gives warning ‘Ledger duplicate codes’ and can’t post the journal via authorization

KB 1436175 Full purchase order reference not applied on drill back from ION

KB 1461974 Movement date changed to the date of the receipt transaction when issue is manually allocated

KB 1464067 Values posted to the ledger inflated by a factor of the number of lines matched from the order when direct invoice matched to multi-line order

KB 1396401 Truncated Greek strings in button and field labels

KB 1449265 “Import data is valid, but Report Amount is out of balance” occurs when there are exchange differences and with Journal Type Posting Override journal type is used

Notes: The patching mechanism used in all previous versions of SunSystems is no longer applicable to SunSystems v6.1. Do not attempt to use any previous version of patch tools delivered with earlier products against this version.


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