Dynamics CRM 2015 released – ask Synergy Software Systems,Dubai

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 is now available for download, and CRM Online trials also feature the new release.

CRM 2015 enhancements, range from very specific features like hierarchical entities, Outlook and Exchange synchronization, and improved search to improvements in the tablet interfaces and new business rules capabilities.

Microsoft expects Dynamics CRM Online to reach more than 130 markets in 44 languages before the end of 2014.
CRM 2015 also marks the beginning of a new integration push.

The integration with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) now includes a tool to bring sales teams into the marketing planning process, allowing them to review and control which accounts will receive which MDM marketing campaigns.
In addition to deepening the MDM integration, Microsoft announced new integration plans for Dynamics CRM with Capptain, Cortana, and Thunderhead.com.

A partnership between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Thunderhead.com was also recently announced by Bob Stutz, corporate vice president of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in a blog post. “By combining their strengths alongside Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we are going to change the way you build engagement with your customers,” he writes.

With Thunderhead.com, Stutz says, “you can very simply develop and visualize a customer journey path, with relevant activities that cross multiple channels, so that your customers can interact with you in the manner that best suits them. At the same time, you are able to garner fresh insights into their digital footprint, to see how they are interacting with you and what their behavior patterns are.”



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