Dynamics Ax Project Review – Dubai and GCC

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Synergy has rescued many failed projects in Ax both locally and internationally.
Our snap audits quickly pinpoint key problems areas within: install configuration, licensing, data, training etc.

However, good projects also benefit from periodic reviews. Your enterprise Dynamics Ax solution should dynamically evolve with your business – few business are lucky enough to go on year in year out without new competition, and new challenges.
– Your business changes
– Technology changes e.g. new service packs,
– Your staff changes
– Some things you left to phase 2 you never got around to completing

Now you are more familiar with the solution you have a better idea of what else it can do for you
Now the system is operational you have more time to look forward

– Data retention policies start to become important
– Year end processes need review
– You now have enough experience and data for more strategic use of the system such as what if analysis.
– You are ready to use additional features such as forecasting, budgeting, consolidation, BI, or to introduce eid or Omni channel retailing, or more extensive use of CRM or Case management

You’ve just gone through an intense implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Most likely, you are ready to move on to other initiatives and are expecting your new, significant investment to start paying dividends. At this point, it may seem superfluous, redundant, or just plain wearisome to spend time reviewing your implementation results. However, there are some tangible benefits to doing so:
• Identify unused potential of your Dynamics AX investments
• Discover training opportunities for users across your organization
• Identify solutions for lingering business pain points (Implementation issues, product gaps, business process inefficiencies)
• Redefine your roadmap – short and long term
• Analyze opportunities to boost future project effectiveness
• Get business team re-engaged in continuous improvement culture

When is the right time for a post-implementation review (PIR)?
We suggest organizations should plan a review 3 months after the conclusion of the initial implementation and then bi-annually thereafter.

It is difficult to implement a system as wide and deep as Ax in one big bang across all functions and companies so apahsed approach to ensure early benefits is usual. Once the go live has settled down and the system is used in the intended fashion its time to take the next step. That is the time for your team can still benefit from a business review.

What are the key deliverables you can expect from a well-run post implementation review?
• Recommendations on how to use standard platform functionality to reduce or eliminate use of customizations. Highlighting opportunities to fix structural issues in your architecture
• Discovery of relevant features in your existing platform that are not implemented and can be helpful
• Roadmap of effective business intelligence and reporting strategies for the enterprise
• Business process improvements & platform customizations tuning to address business challenges
• Explanation of new features you will be able to take advantage of when you are ready for your next Dynamics AX platform upgrade Not everyone involved in your initial Dynamics AX implementation project may be enthused about the idea of a new project to review the outcome. Politics, personnel issues, organizational conflicts, and performance concerns could all lead to resistance. To gain traction in planning a PIR, focus on the positive aspects of the effort. If executive sponsors allow it, you can even explicitly rule out certain sensitive discussions that would hinder forward progress.

Findings from a PIR can also help you make key decisions for an upgrade project (re-implement vs. upgrade, what to do with existing customizations, etc.). New features need to be assessed for their ability to replace customizations, complement existing business processes, or prompt architectural changes that will drive better use of Dynamics AX platform.

The ultimate goal of a PIR is to continue to find ways to improve both the implementation of AX and your organization’s performance. In the next article in this series, we will examine the roles involved in a post implementation review and how to prepare for it.


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