Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 On-line

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the most popular applications in the business world.
Microsoft regularly releases enhanced versions of the software Online CRM application

1.Online CRM: System Administrators can self-provision Microsoft Dynamics CRM instances from Office 365 and can choose from 60 different markets,

2.Business Processes on the go: Build branching logic into your Business Process Flow. Business processes typically consist of stages and within those stages there are several steps. In Dynamics CRM 2015, use business process flows to model and to guide users through even more complex processes with user friendly ‘directed workflow’.
Different business process can be available for the same record type and can be utilized depending on the user’s access privileges. Dynamics CRM 2015 allows users to create branching business process rules which provides them with the ability to both connect and to combine multiple conditions within a rule.

3.Enhanced Mobile Sales: Dynamics CRM 2015 allows users to access their data while offline, for example field sales personnel can create sales quotes on their mobile device even while they’re not in network coverage. These records are automatically synchronized with the Dynamics CRM 2015 server when the user is back in network coverage. All dashboards in Dynamics CRM 2015 are optimized for mobile access.

4.Consistency everywhere: Dynamics CRM 2015 provides a consistent view on every device, be it phone, tablet or even PCs so you can view and update your activities, contacts, opportunities, etc. any time, any where, As such it provides users with real time access to critical data on demand.

5.Quick services: Dynamics CRM 2015 lets users add custom data directly from the field, for example a field salesman can save a customer’s contact and account details in the CRM from their mobile device, while they are conversing with the customer. Dynamics CRM 2015 also lets users create a quick database of customers which is automatically updated when needed. It can also be used to schedule meetings with customers and track their activities for a better view of customer dimension.


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