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The solution has interfaces for Dynamics Ax, Dynamics NAV and SAP

Sales portals for manufacturing
There are many reasons to sell online Find out what B2B e-commerce can do for your company
Customers expect to directly find what they’re looking for at any moment of the day. Self-service “Pull marketing is replacing “Push marketing”.
Provide customers with an online sales portal for your manufacturing company to meet these expectations. Your competitors are already doing this.
The way B2B customers purchase goods is transforming, the manufacturing business. Technology has fundamentally transformed the way customers move online. Nowadays, every B2B client is used to a great online experience. Not only do they want to spend less time on searching for the information they need, they also want this information to be rich and valuable and easily accessible
B2B business is transforming rapidly as a result of the shift from offline to online. Therefore ‘business to business’ need an online sales channel.
But where to start?
And what are the benefits of selling online?
Although everyone is aware of the trend, only a few know how it works.
Contact us for a copy of our whitepaper
‘Things They Don’t Tell You About B2B E-commerce’

Learn more about:
– Why is the market changing?
– What exactly is B2B e-commerce ?
– What are differences between B2B and B2C e-commerce?
– What are the advantages of selling online?
– What is the role of your ERP in B2B sales?


Our e-commerce solution helps companies master the transformation of their business.
Our mobile field sales ordering app supports your sales agents when they are outside the office, anytime, anywhere.


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