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We are ready to take-off a new version BI4Dynamics NAV 5.1. which brings exciting new features
Multi-Measure Tool (All Cubes)

By adding a new dimension; the “Multi-Measure Tool” to columns, current measure (for example Net Sales) is automatically expanded by 28 new measures.

New measures are based on combinationS of base measure ,and date. It works with every transactional measure, in all cubes!

Purchase Cube Enhancements
• Purchase Delivery
• Days since last Purchase

Datazen Demo
BI4Dynamics now has a standardized connector to a Datazen server and has a set of dashboards for Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV that can be implemented immediately.
Try it!
User: bi4user
Password: datazen2015
!Mobile: (Use Secure Connection)

Direct NAV metadata access
NAV Metadata are filled automatically without opening Microsoft Dynamics NAV (v2009+).

Virtual cubes
Create Virtual cubes easily from physical cubes (standard and wizard created cubes).

Roles and Permissions Management
Roles and Permission are created within standard Microsoft OLAP cubes (SSAS). BI4Dynamics Roles and Permissions are stored automatically before deployment and revoked by pressing “Apply Roles and Permissions” button.

Automatic license update
License is automatically updated on every process. No need to go to the application and click update license.

Offline License
Offline license process has been redesigned. It requires a server ID that is generated by the BI4Dynamics application.

A new version, with all documentation, is available on the Support portal and on the web page.
Videos that demonstrate new features will be available next week.


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