Microsoft Dynamics Ax-goodbye Rainer goodbye Ax 7

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Dynamics AX delivers a beautiful UI that is modern, touch-enabled and looks and feels like no other ERP system in the market-revolutionary. It anyone to use and to interact with the system easier than ever before democratizing . As millennials enter the workplace, it looks and works like the applications that they are used to, leading to quicker adoption and actual usage.
An elegant, modern, intuitive HTML5 experience brings the principles of highly visual, immersive applications which today’s modern user expects from their consumer apps to their enterprise business application. The user experience eliminates unnecessary clicks and pop-ups – bringing the user all the right information, and where they need it, so they can be more productive.

Dynamics AX is intelligent – more than just visualizing reports (although, Dynamics AX with Power BI does that ). The data in the ERP system is combined in real-time with data from outside the company to help people make more informed decisions.
A solution to proactively predict issues orto provide guidance to help keep you out of trouble.
For example, think of how Cortana on your Windows phone gives you notifications when you need to leave for an appointment to make it on time based on all the traffic/ weather data that it is capturing in the background. Now apply that intelligence to your business, where Cortana has the ability to tell you about a problem in your supply chain, or alert you about the need to increase your inventory of cold drinks because of an upcoming heatwave to ensure that you have the right amount of stock on hand.

This predictive nature and intelligence of business applications is the future that is delivered with Dynamics AX. This new solution removes limitations and opens up the ability for businesses to think about the “art of the possible” – and that is very exciting. Dynamics AX, together with Azure SQL and PowerBI, delivers near real time analytics, embedded pervasively across the application. Users don’t need to leave their work to use a separate analytics tool – the business intelligence they need is right in the application. Dynamics AX uses in-memory BI to give people real time operational insights so they can make informed decisions. It enables people to find, sort, visualize, and use information easily with an intuitive user interface that provides contextual insights through Power BI — embedded directly in the application. A user can now create analytics in PowerBI, publish those to Dynamics AX, and embed those directly in the application UI. Dynamics AX users can see those analytics in context, click through to PowerBI to more deeply explore the data, and even drill back to the underlying transactions.

In addition, there are new scenarios, powered by Azure Machine Learning, bringing predictive capabilities built in to the application that, for example, can help a retail seller make more effective product recommendations.

The new Dynamics AX is at the center of Microsoft’s core ambition around the reinvention of productivity and business process. With outstanding Office 365 and Skype interoperability, users have the best productivity and collaboration tools to help them be as effective as they can be. Matching how people need and want to work, scenarios seamlessly flow across Dynamics AX, Office 365 and Skype for Business.

For example, in a Budget Formulation process managed by Dynamics AX, budget requesters and approvers get to work with budget data naturally in Microsoft Excel. The new solution also introduces a powerful new concept called “Workspaces,” where users in various roles not only get a different lens on the data, tasks, and activities tailored to their role in the organization, but also an even more focused experience in the application with additional context bringing together all the data, all the processes and everything they need to get a task done.
The power of the cloud.

Cloud is more than tired buzz word, but when people talk about the cloud, it is usually limited to infrastructure – the ability to host and deliver software as a service. Ax 7 shows what the cloud means for businesses. The cloud powers the intelligence, and enables growth and the ability for people to do business anytime, anywhere, on a global scale.

The cloud enables agility that was never previously possible Microsoft Dynamics AX, no longer has a without any version or year associated with it because what you will have will always be the latest.

Speed – implementing a system quickly, the ability to get people up and running faster, changing business processes without business disruption, getting real-time insights into business to accelerate productivity and ultimately getting the fastest time to value are top of mind for every customer.
An integrated user training mode — Task Guides – helps new users complete business processes with on-screen guidance in the client experience, and that same facility can let users drive the application through voice commands to Cortana. In addition to being great on the Microsoft Edge browser, the new solution is also available on all modern browsers. That same modern HTML5 experience will be available in a Windows 10 Universal App, simplifying deployment. With an adaptive experience through Continuum, we’re enabling Dynamics AX users to get the most out of their phone device. The app will also be available for iOS and Android, reflecting Microsoft’s cross-platform commitment.

The new Microsoft Dynamics AX is expected to be available in public preview for all of our customers and partners in 140 countries by early December and to launch end of first quarter 2016. Building on planned advances to Microsoft’s on-premises technology stack, the new Dynamics AX will also be available to customers that demand on-premises deployment in 2016.

This is a major transformation for Dynamics AX and the beginning of a new era for Dynamics – and for reinventing business process and productivity.


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