Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU10 is now available to Synergy Software Systems customers

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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU10 is now available to our customers Cumulative Update 10 build number is 6.3.3000.110.
Please note, as happened for AX 2012 R3 CU9, the application version will show a different number of: 6.3.3000.110 if you apply CU10 to an existing install of Ax2012 R3. This is due to all the individual models that are applied to your system through the CU10 install.

The one model indicating all models for CU10 has been applied has version number 6.3.3000.110. Using a slipstream process as detailed in the Installation guide will result in the single full model applied for CU10 with build number 6.3.3000.111. The Slipstream build is only available from the LCS updates tile.

Some enhancements we like:
A new field called Available physical on exact dimensions has been added to the On hand by location form. This field shows the available physical quantity for all the dimensions displayed on the screen.
There have been performance improvements to the on hand stored procedure to use better query plans and make sure it is only called when necessary.
A new clean up job has been added under Inventory management > Periodic > Clean up > Warehouse management on-hand entries cleanup. This job will delete records in the InventSum and WHSInventReserve tables for closed on-hand entries.

It is now possible to overproduce with back-flushing when using a scrap factor on the Bill of Materials line. Any overproduction using warehouse management enabled items will be recalculated to determine the correct raw material consumption quantity. The correct variable scrap will be taken into account and the remainder will be picked if there is enough on-hand in the production input location.

Scheduled routes can now be generated from a route plan, where the segments of the scheduled route correspond to the hub configuration associated with the route plan. A batch job is used to create the scheduled routes depending on date range, particular days of the week and a load template.
The scheduled routes can be used with Load building workbench in order to create optimal loads for the routes.
Global refund tab on the Register form and the “Global refund check” report on the Retail store transactions and Online store transactions forms have been removed.
Variant specific sales price is shown when a product variant is selected during product search or inventory lookup in POS. Previously the product base price was shown.
Make Infocode groups available for selection in open drawer store operation under AX functionality profile This enhancement lets user select Infocode groups in open drawer store operation under AX functionality profile
Expose Gift Card functionality for customization. Retail POS SDK now allows for customization of the item types that are allowed for return.
Added gift receipt feature at MPOS for:
a. Sales Transactions
b. Show journal, both Gift receipt preview and print
Enable Lookup and search customer through real-time-service The changes in the hotfix enable look up of another store’s customers using real-time service.
POS performance improvement when scanning multiple products with overlapping multi-item discounts.
Introduced alternative algorithm for calculating discounts, which is enforced if predefined max number of calculations steps/loops is exceeded. In this case, point of sale will switch to the marginal value algorithm, which does not guarantee the best discount but provides much better performance characteristics. This feature is configurable in Retail Parameters.
Extending the supported operating systems for MPOS to the following:
a. Windows 8.1 Update 1- Server 2012 R2 Update 1
b. Windows 10- Windows 10 Long Term Service Branch

Many WMS and mobile enhancements
Many bug fixes


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