Atlas, reporting for Dynamics Ax and Dynamics CRM – what’s new?

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One eagerly anticipated feature is a report scheduler which will enable end users to continue working in Excel as their reports refresh in the background.

As from the 1st of July, 2016, Globe Software pricing for Atlas changes. If you are on support then There is stil ltime to add new users at the current price.

Atlas and Power BI
Use Microsoft BI together with Atlas to visualize reports and KPIs. Microsoft Power BI is an excellent dashboard tool to visualize your data.

Why use Atlas together with Power BI?
Atlas enhances the experience and the use of your Microsoft Power BI solutions by preparing and getting the data quicker and more “live” than Microsoft Power BI offers out of the box.
With Atlas and Microsoft Power BI:
• Easier to prepare your data and connect to multiple data sources
• Better Ad hoc Reporting
• Getting access to your data faster and without coding
• Quick ROI

Atlas 6.1 is ready for AX7, and also support Microsoft CRM Online and quick filters.
You also have the ability to upload data from Atlas into Microsoft CRM Online.
Furthermore, you can also combine data from e.g. Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in one report with Atlas 6.

The finance department is not the only department that can enjoy from Atlas and take reporting to another level.

Introduction to Atlas and Dynamics CRM. for a Sales Managerf

for Marketing


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