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BI4Dynamics AX v5
At least 50-75% speed improvement
1. Rewritten data warehouse facts for faster execution (50% improvement in processing time) and faster development (less code):
• New incremental update logic for facts (faster execution)
• Redesigned load procedures include views and work with temp tables (no temporary views) to load large tables which means (faster execution and less code).
• Create/drop constraints and indexes are managed automatically by framework (less code).
2. SSIS implementation option: when using SSIS option, stored procedures are automatically transformed and send to SSIS as packages for parallel execution. Another 50% improvement in processing time.
3. Filter staging tables: add column filter on staging tables to select only needed records.
4. Azure ready. BI4Dynamics AX can be installed in Azure environment.
• Added “Fixed Assets” cube
• Added “General Type” dimension to “Sales Invoice” and “Purchase Invoice” facts (Sales cube, Purchase cube).
• Added “Sales Opportunity” fact with related dimensions (Sales cube).
• Added attributes to “Project” dimension.
• Added attributes to “Document Sales Order” dimension.
• Added “Procurement Category” attribute to Item dimension
• Added “Invent WMS Location Code” attribute to “Location” dimension.
• Added “Charges” dimension to “Purchase Invoice” fact (Purchase cube).
• Added “Opening Balance” measure into “GL” fact (GL cube).

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The pre-built data warehouse with the extensive report packs is fast to implement and lets you create new reports and drilldown into data with minimal training.

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