Salus Patient Relationship Management on Microsoft Dynamics CRM from Synergy Software Systems, U.A.E.

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Its about, 360-degree patient interactions and leveraging technology to streamline processes and workflows across an organisation to ensure that each patient is efficiently placed to the appropriate level of care each time, every time.

– Healthcare professionals from every department involved can see a complete picture of the
patient’s needs, interactions, care steps and wellness plans.
– Integrated knowledge base specific to your business and expert areas ensures patient care is
streamlined and questions are quickly answered.
– Multiple channels available, allowing patients a single point of access to information and
resources, enabling them to make appointments, update personal information, and
communicate health professionals throughout their care.
– Enable patients to share their medical records and device readings with authorized health
professionals online.

Co-ordinate care effectively via patient-centric workflows
– Synchronize and incorporate patient data from various systems, providing patient
dashboards so your team of clinicians can track every aspect of a patient’s information and
care, including medical histories, screenings, tests, and relationships across physician
practices and clinics.
– Established standard co-ordinated procedures across your organizations.
– Automate communications, enabling uninterrupted patient care and follow-up.
– Effectively manage healthcare for patients with chronic conditions, predicting their care
needs, prioritizing referrals, and reducing acute episodes
– Anticipate and allocate all resources needed for upcoming services, such as available
physicians, exam room, surgical facilities, etc.

Maintain long-term relationships
– Communicate with patients between visits
– Encourage patients in preventative health choices
– Ensure patients manage and monitor health – particularly ongoing condition management
– Proactively connect with patient’s support team

Proactively engage people in your community
– Increase public awareness of health services and resources
– Promote wellness initiatives, services and health education
– Encourage health and wellness management by creating outreach programs such as support
for weight loss, diabetes management, or smoking cessation to target demographics.

Comprehensive business intelligence
– Flexible business solutions, tailored to meet your health organization’s present and future
– Stay up-to-date keep up with healthcare practices and procedures.
– Quickly analyze clinical, operational, and financial trends and share real-time information
– Pull together all your data for easy analysis with a range of available reports covering a wide
scope of areas such as cases, patients, contacts, and revenue. – Conduct analysis, modeling, analytics, and reporting of your organization’s data by using a
broad suite of flexible, powerful tools
– Assist with accountability and compliance with legislative requirements through auditing
and reporting.
– Streamline budgeting, and authorization of funding sources, processing of payment
requests, and invoicing with the integration of a financial package.

Resource and operations management

– Manage internal resources services via dashboard, portal, and communication capabilities.
– Track employee training and skill development.
– Communicate vital information to appropriate parties across the board
– Enable timely authorization and payment/reimbursement via streamlined processes
– Attract and retain skilled staff by giving them a solution that’s familiar, easy to learn and use

Microsoft Platform Interoperability
– Microsoft CRM platform – Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office Communications, Microsoft SQL and Skype Business
– Outlook maintains up-to-date data.
– SQL server enables complex MI reporting to be undertaken.
– Excel provides two-way data enabling efficient analysis and reporting
– Word – mail merge enables e-blasts and postal mail campaigns
– Skype Business —simplify communications
– Exchange Sync Online – Configure and manage synchronization between Dynamics and
– Microsoft Exchange Online.
– OneNote – create and view notes containing tests, photos, voice, spreadsheets, and
freeform drawings all within context

3 rd Party integration
– REST API allows for integration into a multitude of systems and interfaces e.g. HL7, GP

– Computer Telephony Integration.
– Third-Party Dynamics CRM adapters with a multitude of options/integrations are available.
– Import and incorporate data easily from legacy systems.

– Regulate data access with CRM’s combination of role-based security, record-level security,
and field-level security.
– Comprehensive auditing and control on activities within the solution.
– Control identity management and ease the burden of mundane password management by
setting up various standards-based identity providers if authenticated sign-on security is
– Set up web-based public-facing portals that connect to CRM and run in your data centre or

Windows Azure via CRM’s flexible web portal framework.
– Available on cloud or on premise
– Ability to develop and to test customizations in an isolated, non-production online environment.

This offering is part of a suite of medical solutions from industry specialist Capita, that are widely adopted in the U.K. National Health Service


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