CAFM for hotels – what’s new in SynergyMMS version 3.7.5

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New to SynergyMMS Desktop:

Event type: Defect or Request (optional)
A defect is when something is wrong or missing, and a request is something a guest asks for or wants extra. (Example: When a guest asks for an extra pillow, that is a request. If the guest asks for a pillow because there was not one in the room, that is a defect.)

Pooling: New “Circular” mode
Assigns an equal number of work items to users in a given pool based on order of devices, and then circular.

Snagging/Punch List Inspection Reports
“Snags” now have status icons in the reports, Excel spreadsheet layout has been improved, and you can now view any attached images in the Excel report as well.

JAWS (for vision impaired users)
It is now easier to select custom views and the tabbing order has been improved. Shift+Ctrl+L= Custom View drop down

Guest Information

New to SynergyMMS Mobile:

Properties can set the time period of inactivity before a device is logged out automatically. This will also manage those who may have forgotten to log out of their device at the end of the day.

Guest Information
Guest information is now visible on the mobile app! This will help employees be able to serve guests better.

Snagging/Punch List Inspection
The snag work request view shows specific snag information, and when a snag item is corrected the corresponding work order previously created will close out.

Other Improvements
– Mobile will remember your filter settings and how the user wants to see the data.
– The “Sync” button will now turn green and red indicating whether the app has synchronised yet, or whether its waiting for a better signal.
– “Not Connected” and other in-app notifications will be suppressed and will retry before displaying.

New to SynergyMMS Enterprise Voice:
Event Type: Defect or Request (optional)
As mentioned above, the option to select defect or request is available in Voice as well, thus making reporting more organized and conclusive.
Now able to create a work request for a specific piece of equipment from the voice menu.
Voice Prompts
Voice prompts have been re-ordered to flow smoother and make more sense.

New to PerfectRoom:
“Due in” is now available
With an HTNG compliant PMS, PerfectRoom can now receive “Due in’s”, or they can be done manually by right clicking.
Green Status
Green Status rooms can now be set in the desktop.
Supervisors can Update Room Condition
Supervisors, or those with proper user rights, can now update room conditions manually on the PerfectRoom desktop by right clicking.


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