Dynamics AX 2009 mainstream support is running out.

February 11th, 2018 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

April 10, 2018 marks the end of mainstream support for Dynamics AX 2009.
Extended support ends 10/12/21.

It is time to start making plans to migrate if you are still on AX 2009.
Customers have the option to move to Dynamics 365 Enterprise or even Dynamics AX 2012 R3.

Under mainstream support those Customers who remain current on the Microsoft Dynamics Enhancement Plan will continue to receive all of the valued benefits of the Enhancement Plan, including regulatory updates and hotfixes, except for some exceptions for Brazil.

Extended support for those Customers who remain current on the Microsoft Dynamics Enhancement Plan will continue to receives all paid support options, as well as security-related hotfix support which is provided at no charge.

View the Microsoft official details on this topic here:

We understand that an erp upgrade needs time (and budget) and that is why even if not planning to upgrade this year you need to start the preparation process.
You can start cleaning up old data, identify what new features to use. consider whether cloud vs on premise, etc.

If you are likely to continue with Ax 2009 for a year or more, then it is prudent to update to the latest updates for Ax 2009 (and for SQL and Windows etc) there too many security threats these days.

Its also likely that if you are using Ax 2009 that you may be outgrowing a system implemented on old hardware, and also have a lot of history data, and log files, that may benefit from purging or archiving, and also that your SQL database sizing, parameterization and maintenance routines could benefit from a review and optimization.

If you need to stretch the economic life of your Ax 2009 system and to improve the performance, then investing our system audit and enhancement review will pay dividends many times over whether on premise or on azure.


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