Microsoft to retire ACS today for Ax 2012 – last chance to ask to be whitelisted

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Microsoft announcement: “Microsoft does have a future roadmap that will migrate ACS to SAS. Application updates will be released before the support of ACS is depreciated. Until then, Azure support will continue to support new AX 2012 customers with their whitelisting process. The whitelisting process will end May 1st, 2018
Microsoft is retiring Access Control Services used in AX 2012 to configure the Azure Service bus, AD Federation Services and enable Workflow approval by email feature.

Until 7 November2018, all other ACS functionality will continue to work. This includes:
– the ACS secure token service,
– the ACS management service,
– the ACS token transformation engine.

After 7 November 2018 , all ACS service and functionality will be shut down. So by this date ensure that all traffic is migrated off Access Control Service to other technology.”

What you need to do now:

If you use this functionality you need to be whitelisted by May 1, 2018 i.e. today – and to plan on getting migrated to SAS by November 7th, 2018.

A typical use case involving ACS is ‘Workflow Approval by Email’.

If you miss the deadline, services that will be dysfunctional are:
1.Workflow approval via email
2.Expense App

Raise a support ticket to alert Microsoft:

Hello there,

We have an Azure service bus with type “ACS Namespace” and it is the only way the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Workflow via Email functionality work.

Create a Support ticket on these lines:

” Microsoft has a future roadmap; that will migrate ACS to SAS but for now, we do not have another option to make the SAS Service bus work. Please whitelist my subscription, so it doesn’t get decommissioned after May 1st, 2018.

Subscription Id:


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