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There was a new elease of FileHold- version 16, in August 2108. For a FileCare customer on support the cost of upgrading the server is automatically included with your FileCare agreement.

The new release fetures both new features and enhancements which willowe rthe cost of owenrship. A key feature is improved viewing technology which adds inot the web client the popular page manipulation features previously only available in the desktop client. Move around pages in a document, move pages from document to document, or remove pages altogether.

The g viewer functionality also has enhanced DOCX rendering fidelity for the level 1 version and best rendering for the level 2 viewer.

A long list of image formats and some more document formats are added to the level 1 viewer with several more document formats added to the level 2 viewer.

Users licensed for the level 2 viewer also get a bonus “Assemble” feature for the user to merge multiple files of different types into a single PDF.

It enables the special field tags introduced with the workflow ‘convert to PDF’ feature to be used for any of the documents or template documents that will be added either to the beginning. or the end. A wider range of document formats are available for conversion and tag replacement than in convert to PDF. Fill your documents with metadata and workflow signoff sheets.

A document search feature that was previously only available a third-party viewer is added. Automatically search inside the document based on a simple search in the document library or type your own search term. A column of matches automatically appears for the user to quickly jump to many places in the document.

The self-service (anonymous, formerly “guest”) portal is matches the way users are configured in the system to give one simple dialog to configure a portal. This simplified the user interface for the self-service portal users removes several elements that do not apply to them.

A new style report and management page for user management.User mass edits also got a big makeover.

Administrators now have lots of options to configure the columns and filters they use and to save different configurations for easy reuse.


Integration with Adobe Sign has been available for a while as an add-on. Now that Adobe Sign is a part of workflow the integration also includes Adobe’s latest OAuth authentication and REST API. Any main documents you add to a workflow can be sent to be signed by the Adobe technology and when the signing is complete the documents are automatically returned as new versions to FileHold.

The workflow status report, signoff sheet, and the document usage log all reflect the Adobe signature and provide convenient links to all the details that Adobe stores about the signature. All you need is an Adobe account and a license for the optional Adobe workflow activity feature.

Starting with 16.0 Filhold has converted all applications and there is now a single application pool to manage and support for TLS 1.2 that does not require any special setup for Windows Server 2012R2 or later. It willsimplify life for IT managers getting excited ahrden the secuirty of the FileHold server.

Multi-factor authentication is now integrated into the product as an optional feature, with as the authentication provider.Filhold has implemented multi-factor authentication in such a way that existing applications should work unchanged until you decide to enable multi-factor.

There are many minor improvements to FileHold like: a result count for folder views just like we have always done for searches, unlimited upload and download sizes for the desktop client, removing the requirement to save Office documents before adding to FileHold, and adding comments to Courier notifications and many more.

Schema lookups and unlimited database dropdown menu fields were added to version 14, and are now configured in nearly every new system we deliver and used in many new ways. Use cases from the field have inspired big enhancements which increase the flexibility of these features. For schema lookups we can now use the custom query method to use up to five metadata fields as runtime parameters instead of just one. This opens up a lot of possibilities for creative SQL to enhance the ability for users to get the correct metadata onto a document with minimum effort.

Dropdown menu fields are great – until you have 100,000 id values to choose from. Then they are a challenge. Filehold has enabled “search” fields for the dropdown. Configure up to five additional fields to be used for user selection and provide end users with a little popup and a new style list interface to filter and to group the configured options to easily choose the exact value, or many values to be selected.

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