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This update was released in December 2018.

• Numerous performance improvements.
• Improved Sitemap: Improved the Field Service app module sitemap including Connected Field Service entities.
• Field Service SLA: Implemented SLA for Work Orders which connects the long-standing SLA functionality to the Work Order Time From Promised and Time To Promised fields ensuring that arrival time related SLA fulfillment is driven by existing Field Service scheduling tools.
Note: Out of the box, SLA is not enabled on the Work Order entity. Enable it to use the two SLA KPIs that are shipped as part of the solution.

Fixed: Upgrade Bug – Booking is updated with groupId before the record is created.

Connected Field Service enhancements

Connected Field Service (CFS) and the IoT solution, now deploys with Field Service. The CFS solution extends Field Service to cater to IoT device-driven scenarios so that organizations can respond to device anomalies and react. This allows customers to predict issues in advance and fix issues remotely or schedule a service visit, preventing failures in a proactive way.

• The CFS solution is now available out of the box with Field Services, which eliminates the need to separately install the additional solution package.
• The sitemap for the Field Service app module now includes the CFS entities as part of the default navigation. The IoT settings in the navigation are now merged with the settings section of Field Services.
Note: Non-System Administrators may need to include additional permissions for the CFS entities to see the CFS entities.
• The CFS deployment app for PaaS customers (with Azure IoT Hub) is re-architected for improved performance during initial setup. The user experience for deployment process is also updated to provide better deployment experience for administrators.

Technician Productivity

New Field Service Mobile app: The new mobile application that brings with it a plethora of new features. See https://aka.ms/fsmobile-docs for more information.
Push Notifications: Send push notifications to the new Field Service Mobile application based on any conditions. Create a workflow and select the Field Service Mobile Entity Push Notification workflow action to use this feature.
The out-of-the-box example workflow will allow bookable resources to be notified when they are booked on a work order.
Geofencing: Enable geofencing so that when a booking is scheduled for a work order, a geofence gets created around the service account for that work order and any exit or entry of that geofence by a bookable resource can generate a geofence event record. Out-of-the-box workflows are provided that can perform actions based on these geofence events such as sending a push notification to a bookable resource’s Field Service Mobile app when that resource arrives on-site for a work order.


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