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Dynamics Ax 2012 mobile apps connector – SAS solution is released to replace ACS.

January 14th, 2019

There is an underlying technology change for access to azure see Synergy’s blog article and

Service Bus applications have previously had a choice of using two different authorization models: the Shared Access Signature (SAS) token model provided directly by Service Bus, and a federated model where the management of authorization rules is managed inside by the Azure Active Directory Access Control Service (ACS), and tokens obtained from ACS are passed to Service Bus for authorizing access to the desired features. The ACS authorization model has long been superseded by SAS authorization as the preferred model, and all documentation, guidance, and samples exclusively use SAS today. (It is no longer possible to create new Service Bus namespaces that are paired with ACS.) ACS is generally already retired and for those who had an extension the end date is on Feb 4, 2019.

The Windows Mobile app will be deprecated and will be removed from the store in February when ACS is decommissioned

The ACS to SAS solution for Dynamics 2012 for the mobile connector is now complete.
• For anyone using Workflow Approvals via email (no app), there is an updated whitepaper and updated mobile connector.
• For anyone using Timesheets, expense, or Approvals apps, confirm you have a machine with ADFS 3.0 available, and follow the steps in the whitepaper for configuring Companion Apps.

Updated apps :
o Dynamics AX (IOS) – Version 5.2 is available in the store .
o Dynamics AX 2012 (Android) – Version 5.0 is available in the store.

Note: The previous app (Dynamics AX) is not SAS compatible and will be removed from the store in February and should be replaced with the new app with 2012 in the name.
o Dynamics AX 2012 Expenses (Windows desktop) – Version available in the store today.
o Dynamics AX 2012 Timesheets (Windows desktop) – Version available in the store today.
o Dynamics AX 2012 Approvals (Windows desktop) – will be available early next week.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations – One Version upgrade – are you ready?

January 7th, 2019

“All customers must be on the latest version of Finance and Operations by April 30, 2019.”

That is getting very close if you are sitting on a legacy v7 or 7.3 version.
There is an additional challenge if you have customised code or an ISV add on that still uses layered code then that will need to be rewritten using extensions.

For cloud deployments Microsoft does most of the heavy lifting for you. However, it might not be that simple especially for DEV?BUILD and TEST evnironments. When the environment has other non-Microsoft packages installed, LCS will prevent you from simply applying the update package. You may have some ISV-solutions or some package you’ve created and released, and then installed on the environment, through LCS. When you try apply the update package, LCS will stop you, and list the non-Microsoft packages installed. packages blocking you.

However, for on-premise deployments: “The customer is in full control of its on-premises deployments and must follow this policy. The customer is in control of installing updates in its on-premises environments”

So there is rather more work to do.
You may also need to consider expiring certificates.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations version 8.1 is the latest major release before Microsoft will move over to the “OneVersion” strategy. From April 2019 onwards all D365FO customers will be migrated to the latest version (v10 release is planned for april 2019), and will kept updated to the latest version thereafter.

It is therefore very important to upgrade to the 8.1 release for all customers running an older version of D365FO. An important reason is that Microsoft has guaranteed that the move to 10 will be only supported form version 8.1 So make sure that you are on this version before April 2019.

There is limited time and skilled resource available, so if you have not already put plans in place then don’t delay.

For expert assistance to upgrade your Ax7/D365 environment call us on 00907143365589.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Forced Upgrade in January 2019

January 5th, 2019

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft CRM users wigh cloud and/or browser-based access to Dynamics must upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics365 / CRM Version9 (V9) by January 31, 2019 or may face potential security and work-impacting issues.

If you did not self-schedule this update by last August, Microsoft will force an upgrade for anyone on Microsoft Dynamics Version 8.2 or earlier.

As of February 1, 2019, Microsoft will no longer support any of their customers that did not complete the upgrade to the newest version.

The size, cost, and scope of upgrading your Microsoft Dynamics environment to the supported version depends on the complexity of the customizations. Microsoft does not require third-party add-ons to continue to support the add-on in the future, meaning third-party apps in your account may not be compatible with the January 2019 upgrade.

Custom development that was applied to your Microsoft Dynamics instance should be checked for compatibility with the upgrade in a separate environment. Some and maybe all of your customizations may have to be re-implemented in your environment to comply with the upgrade. Time to analyse develop, test, deploy etc is running out.

On-premise Microsoft 365 users are not currently up against a deadline for upgrade–but it is certainly a possibility in the future.

Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) site starts its retirement process on January 31, 2019

January 1st, 2019

Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) site will begin a retirement process starting on January 31, 2019.
The content there has been slowly aging and getting out of date because Microsoft has been investing in other learning avenues like the new Microsoft Learn site and EdX courses.
The first piece announced to be retired is the ability to earn Certificates of Completion for the MVA courses taken. So, complete any MVA courses, before January 31, 2019.