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Microsoft to disable Office 365’s Delve Blogs from December 2019??.

December 4th, 2019

Delve is an Office 365 capability associated with the Office Graph that’s designed to surface relevant information for end users to access Delve from the Office 365 App Launcher.The Delve Blogs feature lets Office 365 users create personal blogs.

Microsoft described its impending end in a Nov. 22 Microsoft Premier Support response letter that was published by a customer. Instead of offering a fix, Microsoft described Delve Blogs’ coming shut-off. A portion of Microsoft’s response letter, which mentioned the blog feature is to be deleted on April 17, 2020, with disablement happening earlier:

Delve Blogs to be Retired
Delve blogs are being retired. Delve blogs will no longer be available for creation, and existing blogs will eventually be removed.
Delve Blog retirement schedule:
• Beginning December 18th, 2019, tenants will not have the ability to create new Delve blogs.
• Beginning January 18th, 2020 the ability to create new posts in existing Delve blogs will be disabled.
• Beginning April 17th, 2020, existing Delve blogs will be deleted and removed from Delve profiles.

Plan to use alternative methods of blogging. We recommend creating Communication sites using News, Yammer, and Stream as a modern way of engaging with your audience. To learn more about how to setup a great blogging site, please review Creating a blog with communications sites and news posts.

Microsoft’s Delve Blogs retirement message also arrived earlier this week for administrators via the Office 365 Message Center. Microsoft’s deadlines and communication approach are “quite aggressive” for organizations, but the Delve Blogs is likely getting axed because too few organizations use the feature.

So far, there’s hasn’t been any apparent public communication from Microsoft that Delve itself will be going away. Communications Sites in SharePoint is a possible substitute for Delve Blogs but not for all organizations because “not all users can create sites for themselves.” To address the coming deletion of Delve Blogs, end users should start saving their blogs as document files..