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Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHaP) launched the National Nutrition Guidelines (to serve as a unified national reference on food and nutrition education in the UAE’s community and health institutions. The guideline aims to:

– improve the nutritional status of the UAE’s community and raise awareness about healthy eating behaviour and lifestyle-related diseases
– reduce the prevalence of chronic and malnutrition diseases such as:obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, anemia, osteoporosis and vitamin deficiency
– scale down non-communicable diseases and mortality rates
– encourage individuals to engage in physical activities for better health.

The guidelines consist of six guides. These are:

– to support and promote a healthy living system through healthy food and physical activity
– to maintain healthy food intake at all stages of life
– to reduce calories resulting from high sugar, saturated and trans fats and to reduce salt intake
– to eat variety of diet food and drinks that are rich in nutrients and high in nutritional intensity
– to adopt healthy food patterns
-to achieve food safety.

The National Nutrition Guidelines were developed in collaboration with the U.A.E’s Food Security Office, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Gulf Nutrition Committee and the local government bodies across the U.A.E.

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