Beware spam email attachments

June 14th, 2022 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook and other users could be exposed to spam emails that could break their Windows, PC with just one click. The dangerous malware on the spam email could steal sensitive personal and financial, data and also steal credentials for Windows and banking services.

Security experts warn that threat actors are taking advantage of a vulnerability that hasn’t yet been fixed by Microsoft to distribute the dangerous Qbot banking trojan malware .

This malicious software has been found in infected Word documents that are spread by email.

The Qbot malware also a allows bad actors to deploy a backdoor on infected Windows machines and to give remote access to ransomware gangs.

Scammers try to trick people to click on the infected attachment by sending fake invoices, payment and banking details, scanned documents or bills. One scam even suggested that people had received a pay rise.

To help keep safe from these threats, do not click on unsolicited emails from unknown addresses , and especially not on any links or attachments in such messages.

‘You can usually identify a scam by taking a close look at a sender’s email address,


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