Microsoft Purview – a family of data governance, risk, and compliance solutions

June 28th, 2022 by Stephen Jones Leave a reply »

The worldwide shift to a hybrid workplace has pushed us all to embrace ubiquitous connectivity. New connections help us to be more collaborative; and to routinely edit and share documents in real-time from wherever we work. Instant messaging a tool of convenience is now a cornerstone of communication. People in business, operations, and technical roles are adept at combining disparate solutions to meet changing needs. Multiple mobile and smart devices, go beyond secure corporate networks.

Constant connectivity brings evolving, inherent risks. Organizations have seen a massive increase in their digital footprint, often with data fragmentation and growth across a multitude of applications, devices, and locations.  Dark data, which organizations pay to store, but goes underutilized in decision making, is growing at a rate of 62 percent per year.  The virtual office and new collaboration mediums open doors to harassment, sensitive data leaks, and other workplace policy infractions. It’s a big digital world for any organization to manage. 

Microsoft Purview is a family of data governance, risk, and compliance solutions that can help your organization to govern, to protect, and to manage your entire data estate. Microsoft Purview solutions provide integrated coverage and help address the recent increases in remote user connectivity, the fragmentation of data across organizations, and the blurring of traditional IT management roles.

Microsoft Purview combines the former Azure Purview and Microsoft 365 compliance solutions and services together into a single brand. Together, these solutions help your organization to:

  • Gain visibility into data assets across your organization
  • Enable access to your data, security, and risk solutions
  • Safeguard and manage sensitive data across clouds, apps, and endpoints
  • Manage end-to-end data risks and regulatory compliance
  • Empower your organization to govern, protect, and manage data in new, comprehensive ways


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