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Power Automate plugin for ChatGPT – ask Synergy Software Systems

September 27th, 2023

OpenAI’s ChatGPT, AI-powered chatbots captured the world’s imagination because these enable users to gain knowledge, understand nuances around complex topics, and be creative using a simple chat interface.

This experience aligns directly with Power Automate’s goal for everyone to benefit from the power of automation.

We now have a preview of a dedicated plugin for ChatGPT that lets users leverage the automation capabilities of Power Automate, directly from the ChatGPT experience!

Power Automate plugin for ChatGPT

Power Automate plugin for ChatGPT enables users to create, list and run flows from ChatGPT.

It leverages Power Automate’s natural language to flow authoring experience to help users create flows directly from ChatGPT.

The brand new “Skills Connector” and “Run a flow from Copilot trigger” helps you to discover and to invoke flows from the ChatGPT interface.

The plugin always ensures that you can either review the created flow, or which flow was selected to be run before it is executed. This human-in-the-loop oversight is critical to help users benefit from the power of generative AI responsibly.

Enabl3 makers to author no-code skills for ChatGPT

The new Copilot trigger, makers can create custom flows to be invoked directly from within ChatGPT, to increase ChatGPT’s capabilities without writing any code.

A maker can write flows that use the power of 1000+ connectors, together with desktop automation, and AI-based intelligent automation, and invoke those from the familiar ChatGPT experience. Or they can combine this plugin with other plugins to build transformative experiences.

ChatGPT is the first chat-based Large Language Model (LLM) experience that uses this new integration.

Getting Started with the Power Automate plugin for ChatGPT

The Power Automate plugin for ChatGPT is available for all ChatGPT Plus users. Once you have a Power Automate account and a ChatGPT Plus account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your ChatGPT account and go to the Plugins section
  2. Find and install the Power Automate plugin
  3. Log in to your Power Automate account and authorize the plugin

To start conversing with ChatGPT, use a prompt such as “Create a flow to post a notification to a Teams channel when a new file is added to a SharePoint folder”.

Use prompts such as “Show my flows” or “What are all my flows” to see a list of flows ChatGPT knows about. Only flows that use the new trigger are exposed to ChatGPT.

Create and run your first Flow from ChatGPT

Use Power Automate Plugin for ChatGPT to run flows. Any flow that has the “Run a flow from Copilot” trigger can be invoked from within ChatGPT. – these Flows are called “Skills”. Follow the steps below to author your first Flow-based skill:

  1. Login to the Power Automate portal, and use the Default environment
  2. Select Create on the left side menu
  3. Choose “Instant cloud flow
  4. Choose “Run a flow from Copilot” as the trigger
  5. Add any inputs to the trigger that you want to collect as part of the run. For example, if your flow will perform an approval, what’s the Title, Description, etc.
  6. Add any actions to the flow, based on what you want the flow to do. All the power of Power Automate is at your disposal! For example, to just create an approval, just add that action to the flow
  7. Save the flow with a name that signifies what the flow does Ex: “Create an approval”
  8. Test the flow to ensure it does what you’ve intended using the Test or Run Flow option

Run this flow from ChatGPT with prompts relevant to the title and description of your flows, for example “Create an approval” or “Start an approval”. ChatGPT will reply with a link to run the flow where you enter and review any inputs to the flow before submitting the flow run.

Flow run experience from ChatGPT


Co-Pilot for Process Mining – ask Synergy Software System

September 27th, 2023

Last month Microsoft  announced the general availability of Microsoft Power Automate Process Mining. .

Customers are able to unlock recommendations for automations and solutions to address inefficiencies. 

This month they announced the availability of new Copilot capabilities in Power Automate Process Mining (in limited preview—US only). You can try it for free with a Power Automate trial license.

How Copilot is democratizing process mining

Identifying opportunities for automation or adoption of transformative technology, like generative AI, needs understanding your process or and a clear way to prioritize investments.

Power Automate Process Mining enables organizations to identify inefficiencies and to accelerate digital transformation of their processes.

Use Copilot in Power Automate Process Mining, to arrive at such insights and empower everyone in your organization to make data-driven decisions.

Copilot in Power Automate Process Mining helps you discover processes from your event logs and to then map attributes to the required data schema. Uncover your top insights with a quick exchange with Copilot, which iteratively works with you to answer questions on your data, and then surfaces automatization or optimization recommendations. Copilot even surfaces one-click suggestions of other Copilots, passing along context of your process goals to get to automations and solutions faster.

Generative AI is transformational, and with Power Automate Process Mining, organizations can quickly pinpoint where to apply it first, second, and subsequently for maximum ROI.

 Use Copilot in Power Automate Process Mining to reduce ‘time to value’ to achieve process excellence in the organization. It can help to identify the process and subsequently with data ingestion, to uncover the key process insights into inefficiencies and provide one-click suggestions of other Copilot-assisted automations and solutions. 

The entire flow is powered by low-code and AI to drastically reduce both time and skills needed to tackle complex processes in your organization.

  • Copilot in Power Automate Process Mining uses large language models to recognize attributes and data in your event log to aid with process identification and automapping to the required data schema. In our example, a procure-to-pay (P2P) process is identified directly from the event log stored in Azure Data Lake. Copilot then guides in mapping these attributes for analysis. Web portal for Process Mining, file selection highlighted with Copilot card describing the process as “Process discovered! The most likely process mining business process given the file headers and data is the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process. Once the process is analyzed, Copilot can accelerate your journey by providing top insights on the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the process. Without having to analyze the visual process map or variants, and without digging deep into the root cause analysis, you can identify process bottlenecks and the most important facts about your current process. Traditionally, it could take process analysts weeks or months to define a process, depict it, and then identify opportunities for automation. In our P2P process example, not only did Copilot identify that the longest variant of the process is a week longer than the second-longest variant, indicating that it is a high ROI area for optimization, but Copilot also flagged a compliance issue of purchase orders being created without purchase requisitions in place.
Desktop application representing a process map with activities and sequence lines of those activities. Copilot has summarized the top statistics for the process following the “Provide the top insights” prompt given to Copilot.
  • Copilot then identifies other Copilot experiences in your enterprise that can help deploy solutions and automations to achieve process excellence. In our P2P process example, Copilot has offered two suggestions to solve the bottleneck of purchase orders being created with purchase requisitions and causing churn for the business:
    • A Power Automate cloud flow that will send a Microsoft Teams alert any time this compliance issue arises which can be implemented by using Copilot in Power Automate.
    • An update to an existing Microsoft Power Apps app, created by using the P2P enterprise application template, to include a list of at-risk purchase orders that can be implemented using Copilot in Power Apps.
Desktop application representing a process map with activities and sequence lines of those activities. Copilot has surfaced recommendations for addressing bottleneck through a Power Automate “create a flow” card and an Power App “update your app” card

With the native integration of Power Automate Process Mining with Microsoft Power BI, users track through custom Power BI reports and dashboards how implementation of optimizations impact process efficiency and other essential business metrics. Integrate these key performance indicators as Goals in Power BI scorecards. Unlock other powerful AI features like Power BI Q&A via natural language capability in Power BI to enable business users across the organization to quickly get answers from their data .

Get started with Copilot

The preview of Power Automate Process Mining Copilot is available in the US and will roll out to other countries over the next several weeks.

If you already have a Power Automate license, then to check out Copilot in Power Automate Process Mining preview by logging into the Power Automate portal.

Or try Power Automate Process Mining for free with the Power Automate trial license.

Power Automate Process Mining is available for sale via all channels and in all regions where Microsoft Power Platform is currently sold. Please contact Synergy Software Systems 0097143365589

For licensing information, please visit Overview of process mining and task mining in Power Automate.

Copilot capabilities for Dynamics 365 Project Operations – ask Synergy Software Systems

June 23rd, 2023

Dramatically reduce the time spent on project status reports, task planning, and risk assessments.

With Copilot, project managers can rapidly create new project plans for new engagements in minutes, instead of hours, simply by describing details of the project using natural language. Copilot will generate a project plan that can be further refined by the project manager.

Once the project is underway, the project manager can use Copilot to create a project status report, which Copilot will help generate in moments—reducing the hours often spent manually researching and writing. To ensure project success, Copilot then can be used to identify risks and suggest mitigation plans on a continuous basis. For example, the project manager can prompt Copilot to search across all open projects to identify common project risks that can derail a project, such as significant delays or budget overruns.

With Copilot, project managers can improve efficiency, reduce risks, and focus on more strategic and value-added activities.

The Copilot June 23 preview feature has four capabilities:

  • Task plan generation
  • Risk assessments
  • Project status reports
  • Interactive, chat-like experience

CoPilot and Power Bi ask Synergy Software Systems

June 23rd, 2023

Businesses have been collecting and storing massive amounts of data from apps, services, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, and other sources for decades. Every year, the volume of data collected grows at staggering rates.

Extracting value from this wealth of data is challenging.. Siloed data is often out of sync. Inconsistent data leads to high integration costs. Poor data quality sabotages new AI models. Out-of-date reports cause misinterpreted insights. Such factors stifles the ability to unlock the full value of data, and hinders innovation and AI experiences.

Microsoft 365 Copilot is an artificial intelligence assistant feature for Microsoft 365 applications and services.

 Copilot was announced by Microsoft on March 16, 2023 and in the last 3 months has made a huge impact. The tool builds on  advanced GPT-4 large language models (LLMs) and incorporates Microsoft Graph  to convert user text input into content in Microsoft 365 apps.

Copilot is available for early adopters with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams.with a focus on productivity.  Microsoft announced during the Build 2023 conference that it is adding the AI assistant Copilot to Windows 11. The Windows Copilot service is directly integrated with Windows 11 and users can access it through the taskbar. 

What is perhaps more exciting is that it is also available with enterprise solutions such as Business central. Take your analytics to the next level with Copilot and Power Bi  

 Fabric, now in preview, is an end-to-end, human-centered analytics product that brings together all an organization’s data and analytics in one place. It also brings together the best of Microsoft Power BI, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Factory into one unified software as a service (SaaS) platform. Data engineers, data warehousing professionals, data scientists, data analysts, and business users can seamlessly collaborate within Fabric.

Copilot in Power BI, now in private preview, combines advanced, generative AI with your data to help everyone uncover and share insights faster. Describe the insights you need or ask a question about your data, and Copilot will analyze and pull the right data into a stunning report— to instantly turn data into actionable insights instantly.

Looking ahead Microsoft is also developing Data Activator to set up a system of detection that automatically alerts the team with the right context to instantly take action to changes in their data.

The integration of Copilot with Power BI is set to make a powerful impression. This strategic partnership helps level the playing field, allowing data enthusiasts of all skill levels to engage in intricate model creation. Power BI’s Copilot allows you to create compelling narrative summaries using simple, conversational language.

Copilot will get rid of complexity and make the difficult, doable, and the technical, accessible. The future of financial modelling is a whole lot brighter, and this change will revolutionize how finance professionals handle their data.

Use Copilot in Power BI to analyze data, create complete reports, generate charts and graphs based on your data, and access actionable insights almost instantly. Describe the visuals and insights you’re after in natural language. Copilot works its magic in the background, to  save you the trouble to do it all manually.

Ask Copilot something like, “Help me build a cash flow statement report for last quarter, summarizing our key metrics and trends.” It will create your draft report and then  help you refine it. Strengthen your data’s impact by effortlessly tailoring the tone, scope, and style of your report narratives.

Copilot can generate and edit Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) calculations for you in Power B and Excel to save you time to focus on providing strategic advice and insights to take business decisions.

Copilot leverages AI algorithms to automatically identify trends, patterns, and anomalies within the data, allowing users to uncover hidden insights and make data-driven decisions. The AI-powered insights provide valuable suggestions, highlight potential outliers, and recommend visualizations, saving time and effort in the analysis process.

 Copilot can automatically detect and correct data inconsistencies, handle missing values, and suggest appropriate data transformations. Additionally, it provides intelligent recommendations for data modeling, optimizing the data structure for improved analysis and reporting.

Whether it’s cloud-based services, on-premises databases, or popular data platforms, Copilot provides extensive connectivity options, ensuring that users can access and analyze their data from diverse sources within a unified environment. This flexibility empowers users to leverage their existing data infrastructure and extract insights from multiple data streams.

Whether you’re working with a cross-functional team or collaborating with clients, Power BI Copilot provides a unified platform for enhanced teamwork, leading to more efficient data analysis and decision-making processes.

Attestation mandatory for import invoices worth over Dh10,000 or face fines

January 18th, 2023

Dubai Customs issued Customs Notice No. (11/2022) on procedures and fees of commercial invoices attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation (“MoFAIC”) for imports to the UAE local market. This notice will come into force on February 1, 2023.A Dh150 fee per commercial invoice will apply and customers will have a grace period of 14 days after the declaration of goods.

Companies in UAE will be subject to a new compliance requirement from February 1, 2023. to attest by UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (Mofaic).import invoices with a value of Dh10,000 and above – Cabinet Resolution No. 38 of 2022 regarding fees for certification of invoices and certificates of origin for imports into the UAE

Attestation of Invoices will be done electronically at a cost of Dh150 per commercial invoice and customers will have a grace period of 14 days after the declaration of goods to comply with the attestation. Failure to do so will result in a penalty of Dh500 per invoice levied by the Mofaic on the non-complying businesses.

Exemptions for certain categories include invoices with a value below Dh10,000, personal imports, goods imported from Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and those brought into free zones, transit goods imports, B2C e-commerce movements, diplomatic, police and military, charitable societies, and international organisations goods.

To complete the import invoice attestation upload the PDF documents to the UAE’s Mofaic electronic online process which will then generate a reference number as proof of attestation, which is integrated with the UAE Customs system to confirm the attestation is completed by the customer before import declaration.

Declarants must enter the electronic attestation reference number issued for each attested invoice by the MoFAIC into the customs electronic system for the purpose of declaring an import and import for re-export declaration, in case the attestation fee is paid prior to completing the customs declaration.

Alternatively, declarants may finalize the payment of attestation fees within a maximum of 14 days from the date of completing the customs declaration in accordance with the payment mechanism.

  • The service fees can also be accessed directly on their website through the Attestation Guide.

Windows 11 – officially release

September 27th, 2022

The latest version of Windows 11, known as “version 22H2,” officially is released. 

Microsoft is planning to release Windows 10 version 22H2 “next month,” according to John Cable, vice president of program management for Windows servicing and delivery,

Microsoft issues new Windows 11 releases once per year, in the second half of each year. These “feature update” operating system releases trigger support clocks for organizations. OS support varies with the edition used:

  • Windows 11 Enterprise and Education editions are supported for 36 months.
  • Windows 11 Pro and Home editions are supported for 24 months.

More Frequent Windows 11 Feature Updates
Microsoft plans to issue new Windows 11 features more frequently than just once per year.

. The OS will get new features through the Windows Update service and the Windows Store.

Some of the new features described in Microsoft’s various announcements will come in October and thereafter like a monthly quality update.

The support document explains that a Windows Update is used to deliver quality and security patches each month, and Microsoft will now use it to also deliver new Windows 11 features via a “phased and measured approach” using the “Controlled Feature Rollout (CFR) technology” that’s used with the Microsoft Edge browser and Windows Insider Program releases,

Windows 11 enterprise and educational users, and those using domain-joined Pro editions, will get these new Windows 11 features turned “off by default.” After November, these organizations also will have policy options to turn the features on, which “will be done as a set, and not for individual features or individual releases,”.

Windows 11 2022 Update Highlights
The new Windows 11 version 22H2 operating system is to be released in more than 190 countries,

Windows 11 should be easier and safer for end users, while supporting organizational security and management needs. There is a “new Microsoft Defender SmartScreen” feature, to alert people when they are “entering their Microsoft credentials into a malicious application or hacked website.”

Windows Hello, Microsoft’s biometric authentication scheme, has an optional “presence sensing” capability that will lock a PC when a user leaves the area.

One other notable security feature in version 22H2 is Smart App Control, which “blocks untrusted or unsigned applications, script files and malicious macros from running on Windows 11.” It uses artificial intelligence and Microsoft’s security “signals” information to “predict if an app is safe“. “Smart App Control is built on the same OS core capabilities used in Windows Defender Application Control.” To use Smart App Control, a clean installation of Windows 11 version 22H2 needs to be performed, Microsoft indicated.

Other notable security perks in Windows 11 version 22H2 include:

  • Hypervisor-protected code integrity to protect against kernel modifications by drivers.
  • A Microsoft vulnerable driver block list for known vulnerabilities.
  • Windows Defender Credential Guard (with the Windows 11 Enterprise edition) to address credential theft techniques.
  • Local Security Authority turned on by default to “load only trusted, signed code, making it significantly more difficult for attackers to steal credentials.”

Secured-core PCs specifically will get the Config Lock feature, which “helps prevent the configuration drift that occurs when users with local admin rights change settings and put devices out-of-sync with IT security policies,” .

Queen Elizabeth 11

September 8th, 2022

It is with great sadness that I am writing to let you know that Queen Elizabeth 11 died peacefully in her sleep this afternoon at Balmoral.

Earlier this week she met with her 15th prime minister. A sad loss for the U.K. and in truth for the whole world.

Microsoft’s Inspire conference roundup

July 21st, 2022
For the third year in a row, Microsoft’s Inspire conference, the marquee partner event of the year, was a relatively low-key virtual affair.

The Day 1 and Day 2 keynotes, which featured talks by CEO Satya Nadella, new chief partner officer Nicole Dezen, security corporate vice president Vasu Jakkal, and top channel execs like Nick Parker and Judson Althoff, featured few surprises.

The main driver of the presentations as expected was the Azure cloud.

Other recurring themes from the conference, which wrapped up on Wednesday.

  • Remote collaboration tools (particularly Microsoft Teams and Viva) are critical to supporting today’s hybrid work environments.
  • How Microsoft’s ongoing investments in its security products, from the omnipresent Defender line to the relatively new Entra family, can help meet the challenges of more sophisticated, expensive and high-stakes cyberattacks.
  • Data is everywhere, and Azure’s AI capabilities are what’s needed to harness that data for practical use. “This is the age of AI,” Nadella said during his keynote talk.

Inspire was notable for being Microsoft’s first major partner event since it announced this spring it is retiring the current Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) in October, and replacing it with the new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP). The MCPP will distinguish partners according to their proficiency in six areas:

  • Data & AI (Azure)
  • Infrastructure (Azure)
  • Digital & App Innovation (Azure)
  • Business Applications
  • Modern Work
  • Security

Microsoft envisions these proficiency areas as being aligned with specific customer sales targets.

Parker, head of Global Partner Solutions, described this concept at Inspire using the metaphor of a house:


Microsoft for Industry
Another departure this year was Microsoft’s hyper-focus on industry. — each in different stages of completion.

 The company has six planned industry-specific cloud offerings –

  1. Financial Services,
  2. Healthcare,
  3. Manufacturing,
  4. Retail,
  5. Nonprofit
  6. Sustainability.

At Inspire, Julie Sanford, vice president of Go-to-Market Strategy and Programs at Microsoft, described these as “vertical expressions” of the Microsoft cloud. Microsoft is pushing partners to leverage these various industry cloud platforms and to tailor their offerings for the industries that suit them best.

As Althoff, Microsoft’s chief commercial officer, said during his portion of the keynotes, “Our partners are key to our industry strategy.”

“Go vertical” isn’t a new exhortation from Microsoft; the company has been encouraging partners to take a vertical industry approach for years. Recently, however, Microsoft has been making its industry goals more explicit — for instance, by developing those six distinct industry-specific cloud platforms. Moreover, when the MCPP launches, it will have built-in incentives for partners who take Microsoft’s industry directive seriously.

Sanford said during the Inspire keynote that the MCPP will have industry partner designations, starting with health, financial services and retail. Microsoft intends to launch “co-design sessions” with partners to help develop these designations, she added.

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Goodbye Internet explorer.

June 18th, 2022

it might have been your first ever web browser but – after 27 long years – Microsoft is no longer supporting Internet Explorer. Microsoft  previously planned to pull support last August by when its usage had shrivelled

Microsoft says that Edge is “a faster, more secure and more modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer”, as well as one that crucially remains compatible with “older, legacy websites and applications”.


Power Bi and integration with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365

June 12th, 2022

#Online #FREE session Power BI & Microsoft 365 – Better Together by Amanda Riveria Principal Program Manager at Microsoft – 16th June

Power BI & Microsoft 365 – Better Together

Businesses looking to gain an edge in today’s competitive market need to harness the power of their data to make informed decisions that drive innovation across their entire company. Information workers, not just analysts and data scientists, need to be empowered to use their data in a familiar environment, securely and easily. Join this session to see how Power BI’s integrations across many M365 products can enhance your organization’s self-service data culture and reduce time to insights. We’ll cover integrations across Excel, Dynamics 365, Teams, and more!”