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The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform is the solution to help you to simply create a powerful, agile, and secure data and AI foundation, with suite of technologies it has Microsoft Fabric at its heart to help organizations harness the full power of their data.

The platform natively integrating products across four workloads: I, analytics, database, and security. So, organizations no longer have to bear the cost and complexity of stitching together a complex set of disconnected services from multiple vendors. They can now focus on taking bold, real-time decisions and to empower teams to create and innovate without limits.

Organisations know their data holds the key to their success. They want to implement AI tools. After 15 or more years of data and cloud investments, they find their ambition is limited by the very solutions they’ve built over time. Patch after patch, their data estate has become fragmented, hard to manage, and incapable of AI era-workloads.

A key part of the Intelligent Data Platform, Azure AI, makes building data-informed ideas and experiences easy. Last year, introduced Azure AI Studio, a one-stop-shop for generative AI creation offering model selection, data, security features, and DevOps in one interface.

Microsoft directly connected Fabric to Azure AI Studio so customers can now build AI apps without requiring manual data duplication or additional integration.

Microsoft also built and tuned Azure Cosmos DB and Azure SQL DB Hyperscale for generative AI innovation. With hyperscale performance, built-in AI including vector search and copilots, and multi-layered AI-powered security embedded into the database, these databases unify, power, and protect the platform.  

For over a year, generative AI has captured imaginations and attention and we’ve learned that AI’s potential comes to life at the intersection of an organization’s data and ideas. The world’s generates and stores incredible amounts of data, and  for so long has waited for technology to catch up and simplify the process of using the data in bold, meaningful ways.  

The Intelligent Data Platform is the ideal data and AI foundation for every organization’s success, today and tomorrow.  

These are all valid concerns and roadblocks to progress.:

  • Even when customers know their infrastructure needs upgrading, many find it difficult to make the switch—and for good reasons. To fix a broken or outdated data platform and to future-proof a data platform are two distinct and sizable problems to solve
  • It’s not been easy to choose. Azure offers more than 300 products, with more on the horizon,. You can rarely buy complete solutions because the reality is one size will never fit all.
  • Customers have favourite products and need reassurances those products will interoperate with other products.
  • Over time  solutions to become more specialized and often  more fragmented
  • To migrate  data accumulated over years, sometimes decades, is an exercise that can feel risky even to the most experienced IT professional.

With the emergence of generative AI, the original idea of the Intelligent Data Platform has morphed into a cloud solution capable of solving data fragmentation problems of the past and present, to empower uncapped innovation for even the most ambitious organizations.  Generative AI changes a data strategy: data solutions created today must be designed with foresight to ensure those can easily manage spikes in data, new workloads and new technologies for many years to come.

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